Meeting in ProgressSo, why learn Italian Online?

Primarily, these courses are aimed at people who would like to learn or improve their Italian, but who are unable to attend lessons regularly, perhaps because they travel regularly, perhaps because they have a busy schedule, or even simply because there are no local courses or teachers.

Instead of having to travel to a college or the tutor’s house, attend the lesson, then return, and commit to being able to do this on a regular basis every week, the Internet provides an alternative solution. With the use of shared workbooks and voice chat now possible on most home or office computers, students can simply connect to the Internet and have the lesson, from wherever they are.

Of course, there’s still a place for face-to-face lessons (and I still run these, in Hitchin, Herts, UK). But with screen sharing and Voice-over-IP, online lessons are just as effective (and I have the references to prove it!)

Joining a lesson

For our lessons, I usually use a combination of Citrix GoToMeeting for document sharing, and Skype for voice chat. Using these two free software packages together allows us to hold our lessons with the fast, real-time document sharing and excellent audio quality that makes the online lesson experience as seamless and effective as a face-to-face lesson. I can also support other popular packages, if you prefer to use software you are currently using, or your company policy prevents you from using any of our preferred packages.

At the end of each lesson, you have a clear, comprehensive record of the lesson in the form of Word and PDF documents, which takes the place of the exercise book in a face-to-face lesson.

In addition, listening exercises, sounds, pictures, and other documents can all be shared during the lesson using the sharing software!

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