He went into a restaurant in the bottoms and ordered some oatmeal and milk with his noonday meal. The swelling also extends below the ear toward the angle of the jaw. 'Phe warlike conquerors, on the one hand, march out to slay their own kind, but the" conquerors of peace," as they liavc been well named, give battle to other foes, to the invisible enemies tiiat wear the garb of many a perilous disease, and set forth not to kill bul to save their follow men.

Innervation is cliaractorizcd usually by ilio absence of all effort at speaking. If you are thinking of sending in a list it will pay you to take a little pains with it, and put in the names of people you and you will be in pocket one dollar and The catalogue which the John Matthews this season is a very handsome volume printed upon fine plate paper, bound in muslin, with cover design printed in silver. There are a large number of young men who are anxious to attain the necessary qualifications for entering the pharmaceutical profession, but whose prospects for attending a college of pharmacy are verydark. Rochelle salts with a little sulphate of magnesium in infusion of buchu forms a most excellent morning purge, in my experience. Proof is also afforded by the fact that the disease is far more prevalent in some climates than in others. For the single characteristic of nodulation marked all education tuberculosis, and everything not nodular was not tuberculous.

There may be shortening or lengthening.

These may be observed when the digestion is greatly impaired and amylaceous articles of food are taken.

In fact I have now in my care a lady who was so tested by chance, and quite utterly failed to do more than fall down in her effort to escape from a house on fire. Bence Jones, Roberts, and others, have shown that the acidity is highest during sleep and before meals, while from two to three hours after meals there follows a wave of reduced acidity termed the"alkaline tide." The urine at this time may be neutral or even alkaline in persons of perfect health. But the great disadvantage of Freund's operation consists in tlie fact that the intestines have to be drawn out of the abdominal cavity, and retained there by the pressure of a cloth; whereas in ovariotomy, on the contrary, the intestines generally remain within the abdomen. Only at the part where the pleura passed over the vena cava inferior there was a duplicature about three centimetres in depth, which, gradually becoming a crescentic fold, could be followed for seven centimetres along the posterior circumference of the auricle as far as the hilus of the left lung. After his discharge from service, he entered the Department of Public Charities and Corrections of New xork City, with which he has ever since been connected, now holding the position of chemist to that department and and superintendent of the General Drug Department. To none in the medical profession was this subject of more interest and value than to those who were interested in the nose and throat. The sputum which is swallowed comes first in contact with the mucous membrane of the oesophagus, and then with that of the stomach. Arcularius, of Colorado Springs, secretary of the state board, has been confined to his bed for several weeks, but store at Twenty-second and Grant. The limitation of the occur rence of the disease to the summer and autumnal season, and its more frequent occurrence in tropical climates, point to this conclusion, and to the agency of a hififh temperature in the evolution of the special cause.

Remove the cause, if possible.

Certain facts have to be kept in mind when treating a case of typhoid fever, and when estimating the effect of remedies: First, that the disease, in the majority of cases at least, is produced by the action of a small portion of the excreta from the bowel of a person suffering from typhoid fever; that air from a drain, or air blowing over dried feculent matter, may convey the poison to the patient, -or his own fingers may carry it to his mouth, or that the vehicle for the properties of the excreta may be destroyed by boiling the fluid in which they are contained, though not by filtering the fluid. There was no doubt about the nature of the complaint, and one Sunday morning he whooped in church, to the consternation of the congregation.


To a solution of sodium iodide and theobromine is added a concentrated solution of salicylic acid. From the location at which the villi cease to appear, the mucous membrane continues to bear for some distance a wavy and almost papilla-like appearance.

The following' day an examination was held, as assistant pharmacists: S.

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