We have all recognized the white lines around the mouth, indicating the presence of intestinal parasites, and our minds are at once directed to the proper remedies.

In three of these cases yeast-like organisms have been found, isolated in pure culture, and subjected to careful study, including experimental inoculations into various animals in many of which more or less extensive and fatal lesions were prodiiced.

He was led to use hot scrub-baths in the treatment of fevers of malarial origin by seeing how rapidly cases of this condition would improve on going to Hot Springs, where the principal thing, if not all, is the simple hot scrub-baths which they get. It seems to be particularly cfl'octive in the so-called ncid dj-spepsia of children. Bechet - the sella was only slightly enlarged as seen in the x-ray plate. There were no adhesions, but the surface of the cyst was covered by a layer of old organised Ij'mph. I believe the alterative and absorbing properties of the potassium iodide prevents effusion and hastens resolution. Griffin's article on" Molasses as a Food for Horses," made a thorough investigation of the subject in the French Capital, and publishes little side exhibition where molasses bread and molasses biscuits were sold. The kind of food did not make any difference; water was returned almost immediately, without any cough. How any person with a"concentration of quick intellect" could be compared to a parrot is more than I can Now, women physicians have to depend more for their success on the use of remedies, than any other feature of practice. Many instances of this sort may be detected by the physician who is on the watch for them. We, therefore, simply recognise in the present step of the College of Physicians an attempt to extend Medical education in accordance with the requirements of the age and the hroader views which characterise it.


Such would also probably be the ease with drowned persons in whom the lungs were full of water, which offered a great obstacle to the introduction of air; and in this condition the Committee had not made anj' experiments to show that the one method was of more avail than the other. Freke and Copping both compare them to the ramifications of coral and Minkewitsch speaks of a case in which they resembled stag's antlers (about). He must not write," I the undersigned being"Fellow or Licentiate of the Koyal College of Physicians of London or of Edinburgh," a"Doctor of Medicine," of a"L'mversity, a"Fellow or Jlembcr of the Koyal College of Siurgeons," or a"Licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries," as the case may be; he must state that he is in actual practice as a Physician, Surgeon, or Apothecary; and then he must also state the date when, and the place where, he examined the patient. It is true, however, that they feel tired and unrested, with oftentimes much muscular pain and discomfort, so that, when fully awake, they arise to get rested, though probably in an hour's time they will be found dozing in their chairs. The danger of opium in early life has been thoroughly discussed. The arguments they bring for it are such as should have no weight with the legislature.

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