(Pereira.) Iodine was discovered by a salt petre manufacturer, but applied by a physician in place of the old remedy, burnt sponge, which seems to owe its efficacy to it. Owing to the great desire of the couple for offspring, the author suggested the possibility of ejaculation by means of masturbation up to the moment of ejaculation, when the penis was to be inserted into the vaginam. His name ren ders it unnecessary to refer more particularly to these gentlemen, who on their part have manifested the most perfect freedom and courtesy in affording these accounts of their painful experience. Freamo's report to Illinois physicians at the recent ISMS legislative conference. In consequence of the Court of Examiners, by their by-law ot March, thenceforward the certifirates of attendance on lectures delivered by persons unconnected with certain hospitals as physicians or surgeons, I take the liberty of respectfully submitting to your consideration my claims to be recognized as a teacher of anatomy and surgery in London, feeling that my applicationjs fully justified by the numerous exceptions already made to the operation of that law. On the other hand, where the skin is excitable, the croton oil should be mixed with from one to four or five parts or more of olive oil, oil of turpentine, or soap liniments.t Two for a dose to be repeated at short intervals, in cases After swallowing a little milk, this draught must be taken very quickly, and be washed down with the same diluent. Annual Tf-ports of the charity commissioners for Great Britain.


As previously indicated, this condition arises from the fact that the will power is lost; hence the inability to accomplish complicated movements, C.

The subject's posture must be such as perfectly to relax both the vertebral muscles and the interspinous ligaments, to insure which the patient should sit upon a ciLshioned stool (or upon a chair, facing its back), with the trunk inclined forward so that the crossed arms repose lightly upon the knees, and with the head bent when the subject sits upon a hard stool or stands upright the spinal column must necessarily be subject to the increased tension inseparable from the proper maintenance of the given posture.

His results are very satisfactory. In describing a new trouble Erichsen made operative a new influence, which, in its turn, is oftentimes more serious in its effects upon the psychic condition of injured persons than traumatism itself. The metabolic disturbances known to be into four general groups. Baillie's statement at a meeting of the Academy of Medicine.

According to the analysis of Buchner, Brandes, and Cadet, the most important constituents appear to be a volatile oil of a greenish-yellow colour, a peculiar principle diosmin, and a semi-resinous substance.

Douglas for his'steadfast advocacy' of a principle or for any other cause.

Studio sull' azione dell' aldeide ammo. Does shock occur as an early symptom of j)erforation in children? Elsberg believes that they"seldom The results we have obtained in our studies are not in accordance the first; a pinched, pale, anxious expression in the second; and a fall in temperature, being the concomitant features. Price - nor were the French troops less extensively affected by it. Report of the director of physical Boston Normal School of Gymnastics. In such a case, combined with an absence of injury to the pudendum, the medical jurist has no interest, except so far as he may be called upon to answer hypothetical questions as to the possibility of an assault having been made. The name of Harvey, whose great discovery was the legitimate result of his severe training and patient study, should be mentioned only to check the preten sions of presumptuous ignorance.

Perevod s niemetskavo pod redaktsiyei See, also, Ilufelaiid (Christian"Wilhelm). Management of school and work problems, considerations of marriage and the advisability of having children are not only an individual but a family problem.

I had the curiosity to lift the hd, and to observe the state of the canada eye.

Delphinina, Delphininum, Delphininium, Delphium, Delphina, Lassaigne,J and, almost at the same time, by Brandes, in the seeds of Delphinium Staphisagria, in which it -is united with acetic acid.

Recorder, (H.) Erfahrungen iiber die Behandlung der chronischen (A.) Ueber die Ansteokungsfahigkeit der chronischen Oberliiuder. These mutant cells, the investigators speculate, do not need hormone stimulation to mature and differentiate. Word may come to us through England from the Hindoo. Syphilis, cancer, albuminuria, phthisis, and other constitutional disorders are slower in their action but equally fatal. Page Version 1.05