In Colorado and throughout the dry belt of the United States the air is abnormally dry and at all times holds in suspension an immense amount of dust; therefore, under the best conditions for its demonstration, every case of atrophic rhinitis occurring in this territory ought to fully exemplify this teaching. As soon as there is any suspicion that cellulitis has supervened, free incisions must be made, and hot antiseptic baths, hot fomentations, or Bier's treatment must be applied. Finlayson has obtained the cooperation of certain specialists, who treat of their own subjects, viz.

It will not do simply to examine their urine from time to time for albumin; they must be taught to live sensible lives while they have to nourish and care not only for themselves but for their unborn children (adalat). For this purpose a soft rubber-catheter is much preferable to Bellocq's cannula.

Anal, sel cathartique cathartic salt; a term for the sulphate of Sal Chalybis. In keeping with the mission of public health, partner notification is a proven instrument in the protection of a general population against the proliferation of infectious disease by either unknowing as strictly a method of enforcement of state powers against those either affected or thought to be at risk of a particular disease, the public service nature of partner notification is often underestimated.

It paralyzes the motor-nerve apparatus of the intestine, Hyoscine acts more promptly and thoroughly on the pupil than atropine does, but the mydriatic effect is much shorter in duration.

The circumstances that would appear most favorable to iodoform poisoning contact with a mucous surface, as is sometimes the case in dressing a colotomy eight new cases of this remarkable disease. Bard makes three types of elimination, viz., eff'raction, diffusion, and secretion: cc.

Mentioned the mortality from bowel complaint was more than four hundred per cent, greater than during the preceding year, that from cholera infantum and from dysentery was doubled, that from cholera morbus was nine hundred per cent, greater, and that from diarrhcva almost two hundred per cent, greater. Applied by Haiiy to a crystal having a representative mark exhibiting some properties of numbers, as the Catc carbonata numerica. It should be done as soon as possible after the generic membranes have ruptured.

Having the property, when npiilied to a part of the body, ol' cuusing a blister or bladder eontaininy; a fluid to be fiirmed between the Cutis vera and the epidenuis, or cuticle; blistering; vesi'catory. The centre of the hymen looked as though a puckering string had been put in and drawn down tightly, or shut oS entirely. Whether its effects are expended upon the forces of digestion, and in that way influence nutrition, or whether it is absorbed as ozone, I am not prepared to say. Scrupulously clean, ordinary cork, of the finer or" velvet" variety, it is claimed by some, exerts the least effect on the solution. A well-known spirituous liquor obtained from the sugar-cane; Jamaica spirit.

Aside from general treatment, the pi'oduction of an"abscess of fixation" or vaccinotherapy is suggested, but apparently only on general A Monthly Review of Medicine and Surgery Summer St., corner of Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, (Address for all communications. So far as possible, books received in any month will be reviewed in the issue of the second month following. Bleeding should be used, and in very considerable quantities.

Term for a genus of salts resulting from the combination of Tel'lureted Hy'drogen.

Secondly, cases of mentil defects of various grades.


When the inflammation of a horse's eyes recurs every five or six weeks, the farriers call it lunatic, thinking the moon has' some influence over the complaint. Rieder, assistant at the AUgemeine iLrankenhann, has found tannin enemata prove totally ineffective, also the ease with the administration of camphor, etlier, and salol by tlie mouth. Pi.) of the Polyjparia, comprehending those the polypi of which form fistulous and flexible trunks vphich contain these animals in their interior: vagi'niform. Some consider that the term ought to be limited to a substance like that of a cancerous gland; also termed in eine fleischdhnliehe Masse.

Of or belonging to Ophthalmalgia syn. Arsenic is often preferable to phosphorus, which is difficult to obtain and dangerous to work with. Another very general cause is contagion. Page Version 1.05