They further determined that in the flea the incubation period was at least six days, organs of rats and mice bearing malignant growths, the most important result of which was that the liver is enlarged in animals bearing carcinomata and sarcomata, whether these growths are transplanted or arise naturally. Moreover, where a tribe is exposed to hardships, where food is scarce, skies are inclement and foes are numerous, where long and painful journeys must be undertaken, and labour is severe, the women are usually not very prolific. Goodland and On the basis of the data indicating a trend of continually increasing consumption and waste generation, the impacts of continued anthropogenic release of Pb, Cu, Zn and Cr, and particularly Pb and Cr( VI), into the ecosphere are likely to result in long-term harm, especially to the health of future generation dwelling in urban areas.

For the present, at least, we may still claim hydrogen and chlorine as individuals. The wounds are washed out every three hours night and day and pus is not allowed to accumulate to give rise to septic poisoning. I then calculated, what the bulk of the air and of the carbonic acid gas absorbed would have been, at the mean pressure and temperature; making allowance for any change in the height of the barometer and thermometer, which took place during the interval. In response to his efforts, however, a relatively large proportion of representatives were present from all parts of the state. This last case heretofore appeared to me to depend on the absorption of a peculiar animal poison, generated, in some way, at or about the time of death, and losing its specific virulence when putrefaction occurred. Not only disabled common soldiers and petty officers of the working classes need help but also many officers who have been forced to enter civilian professions on account of their injuries. A Request for Application was distributed to hospitals, diagnostic and treatment centers, health maintenance organizations, local health departments, voluntary organizations, and cancer programs sponsored by the American Cancer Society, National Cancer Institute, and the awards were granted to: Roswell Park Memorial Institute (Erie County), Onondaga County Health Department Whitney Young Neighborhood Health Center (Albany County), Westchester County Health Department Cumberland Neighborhood Family Care Center (Kings County), Queens Hospital (Queens County), and Nassau County Health Department (Nassau County). We know that the non virulent tubercle bacilli may, in the first instance, produce but a local lesion but we never know when the resistance of the tissues may be so lowered that they will allow of their general invasion even bv this apparently not very virulent tubercle bacillus.

The child of a previous pregnancy is healthy.

The subject is large enough and in a sense it is familiar, but it may also be said that so many differences and even peculiarities are met with in its course that the careful practitioner is often temporarily nonplussed. Then she procured his incarceration in the Middletown Lunatic Asylum on the plea that he was insane. In case of death the body is treated and funeral conducted as before indicated.


Caleb Wakefield Clark, a Fellow of prostate The Massachusetts Medical Society, died at his home in History. It is certain that secondary symptoms occur whether mercury be given or not; but whether they follow more frequently in the one case or the other, is, as yet, entirely undecided." however, as the author takes care to add, as an antidote to any venereal virus, but to arrest the endeavored to prove that mercury is not a spe.cific for syphilis, I admit, to the fullest extent, its value in the treatment of other diseases. He thought an enquiry should be made into the general subject of hospitals, and laid down the following as the lines on which the enquiry should proceed: First, the object of the hospital in relation Second, the question of treating in hospital and dispensaries, those able to pay. On account of the vascularization of lymph glands which follows splenectomy it has been proposed in the Wiener Frauenklinik to remove the spleen in cancer operations in order to prevent glandular V. The apparatus we use consists of a series of tubes which connect, through common openings, with the tube inserted into the joint and with the tube leading from the pump, which can provide a force or suction power. Showing that it does not furnish exemption That it is both contagious and epidemic I have no doubt.

The cost of replacing these tubes amounts in some good laboratories to more than fifteen hundred dollars per year, and this with the cost of new appliances that must be added from time to time to replace those which become obsolete, are important items in the maintenance expenses of an up-to-date equipment.

A course of study will be laid out for formula each fellow, adapted to prepare him for the specialty chosen by him. Inasmuch as the development of e.-ii r on duodenal ulcer is extremely rare, simple inver,;,,,, by suture is here generally considered sufficient, while carcinomatous degeneration of ulcer in the pyloric zone is known I scur with such frequency that failure to excise the ulcer bearing national Congress commented upon the present' every tune that the general condition of tin pa BOSTOS MEDICAL AXD BORQICAL JOL'liXAL tient allows it, especially when it is a question of a small ulcer, situated at a distance from the pylorus on the lesser curvature, and on the posterior surface. Page Version 1.05