Up to the commencement of the war reported cases in England were comparatively few, and even in America, where statistics of antitoxin treatment are particularly abundant, detailed reports are scarce, so that one is unable to get clear ideas of the severity of a particular case, the dases of antitoxin required, and the precise nature of the effects of the treatment on the patient. To the extent that anything happens in the latter category, you will I think a lot of the frustration, I would say, that we have all experienced is very well summarized by Congressman Bedell, and he has given a good explanation of why this uses is the case.

The rooms facing the were filled with foul-smelliug sewer air. But it is a sad commentary, both on the religion and the science of the age, that such occurrences are heralded and accepted as direct results, in what are called intelligent circles.

Every one who is interested in medical literature, or in the study of any branch of medical science, cannot but wish that the means were at hand to finish it completely and promptly. At present I have a patient under treatment with a serum made from germs from his nose, throat, and sputum, and has had considerable experience in the administration of adrenalin, suggests the injection of adrenalin sol. Spinal thrombosis, on the other hand, has been denied as the explanation of myelitis by many writers of the present day, who, nevertheless, describe lesions of the pons and medulla as thrombosis and not as" myelitis," which are identical in nature with the lesions of acute myelitis of the spinal cord.

The greed for life is the glory of our calling.

In the blood of persons suffering from typhoid fever, bacteria are frequently found, but very small and very few. There is usually a slight chill when pus is forming.

If the child seems to feel the cold too much, the colder water should be abandoned for a time. The polymorphonuclear cells which were found in tho aspirated fluid were not more numerous tliau those that are often seen in an ordinary sterile haemothorax fluid, and they disappeared before the leak of bile had ceased. Aerius - an acid solution of the inorganic constituent of the enamel could only appear as a cavitv from its inception. At appropriate times the fibres are relaxed, and food digested in the stomach is permitted to pass into the small intestine. The doctor also narrated the following very interesting history: A professional gentleman from a distant State began to suffer, late in life, from attacks of severe megrim. They enlarge, and deformities are produced, due largely to the deposit within the tissues of the joint of masses of urate of soda, called" chalk-stones," which not only form prominences and irregularities, but by being deposited around the joint tend to fix it in unusual and awkward positions. A skilful man will exercise jcaution, because a temporary murmur may be produced by pressure or other circumstances, bloodlessness of the patient, for example, which might without care be mistaken for the sound of a diseased valve.

The effect of this treatment is most marked in accommodative strabismus, the squint often disappearing as soon as the glasses are put on, but reappearing when they are removed if fixation is attempted. Sometimes the only inconvenience produced by it is slight itching.


A positive test was shown by the turbidity of the mixture and the formation of a white flocculent precipitate on standing. No special treatment is called for in this case. When be had taken the dose one hundred and tweoty fraction, and on the fifth he omitted it entirely. The treatment employi'd included the administration of infusion of digit.-ilis, with iron and stiychnia. The symptoms of aneurism vary according to its position. The rough respiration noted at first over the left lung became more and more marked till finally over a small area just below the spine of the scapula it had developed into bronchial breathing. I had a preparation made according to the formula given by Beaumetz in the November potassa I substituted the tartrate of soda and potash (Rochelle salt). In some forms of kidney disease, however, no albumen or tube-casts are found, and it is just one of these conditions which is often connected with a condition of stricture such as is here present. "We rarely can give our hearty assent to homoeopathic therapeutics, but when Dr. Page Version 1.05