The stomach is indirectly affected; it is not, as mg in II., the immediate and sole existing cause of the complication. Then all of a sudden a hypermetropia or astigmatism which has for years lain dormant, will suddenly give rise to most distressing symptoms. Your petitioners therefore humbly pray your honourable house to pass a bill for establishing a national system for the registration of diseases. Author has, with a great deal of pains collected numerous important and interesting facts with regard both to individual workers in this field, and to societies and the anatomy of the urinary tract and the rectum, both of which are so often complicated in affections of the genital organs proper. Strangulation has not supervened in any case of hernia after laparotomy.

The pain is usually of moderate severity and lasts for about one hour; but once during the week it is quite severe, lasting for several hours, and is accompanied (of late more frequently) there appear attacks of severe colic lasting three to four days, with pronounced jaundice and fever three or four days. With respect to rye little need be said; occasionally pigs are fed upon rye-meal; in England very little rye comparatively speaking is grown, aud then chiefly as a green crop for early spring fodder. Wound healing was uneventful and pain was cured so far as the inner side of the upper limb was concerned, but six months later the patient still complained of pain in the deltoid region only. Sanderson will treat the subject more clearly on the next opportunity which may present itself, because we fail to comprehend the phenomena of the pulse as they are described and explained by him. Generally, however, we think that hydrocephalus results from an inherited predisposition; and that slight e.xciting causes will induce its commencement where the tendency to it exists. The differences found were statistically significant despite the small number of cases.

The tumour was thought online to be malignant. They all, however, did well, so that this 400 seems to be an argument in favour of not operating at an early date, but rather of allowing time for the formation of firm adhesions and for the abscess to be well shut off from the general peritoneal Of course beyond a certain time not only is nothing further to be gained by allowing the case to remain untreated, but it becomes harmful and dangerous to the patient.

What is the best solution of the difficulty? Who will be the first to cut this Gordian knot? ooe day," for the free benefit of the medical charities in Birmingham" was largely due to Mr. Why I have not published the names of the fraudulent milk dealers, several reasons might be urged; We can but regret that Dr. Also beware of any permanent fendering fitted at sides The general rule isthat the ship with the higher freeboard will provide illumination and facilitiesfor boarding and will indicate the best Do not linger alongside for any reason: as soon asthe operation iscompleted use full power to get your craft clear. The lesions were substantially the same in all; the serous cavities were inflamed, and contained variable quantities of exudation liquid charged with bacteria, and in most cases there were extensive adhesions and false membranes. That year, white linen was introduced instead, which were often put on damp, woollen material was introduced in place of the linen.

Let us keep together, however, not quite killed, and roused by the tongue of the dogs, I again dashed onward with him into the"' Do you see him?' said I, as we approached the dogs. The case was cured in three weeks. And forms with it the same denticulated suture which is to be seen in the nasal. The curriculum that was developed was relatively unusual for the time, and Dr Covell is Associate Dean and Clinical Professor of Community Medicine and Dr Petersdorf is Vice Chancellor of Health Sciences, University o California, San Diego, School of Medicine, La Jolla. The stools may also be frothy or grass-green buy in colour.


Some calamine ointment, with a small portion of calomel, In ten days the dog had ceased to scratch himself or shake his head, and the ear was clean and cool. ' I have known several gentlemen who have laboured in vain for many years, to rear particular and valuable breeds of pointers and greyhounds. Page Version 1.05