Such a study not only determines the presence of spasm, but also shows whether it be due to organic disease or is of purely nervous origin.

In pneumonia life may be endangered by the abundance and extent of the exudate, while in the crisis of this disease autolysis probably plays an important role not only in the destruction of the organisms, but in the removal of the exudate. Each of them is at the disposal of the authorities for shipping cases. The causes which have been instrumental in bringing about this change will be discussed under the head of Antagonists and Incompatibles, administered and emesis secured as promptly as possible, before the resulting albuminate of mercury is redissolved bj' excess of albumen. After commenting upon the uncertain use and wide meaning of the words"cause" and"causation," as applied to particular diseases, the author pointed out that the"causation" of epilepsy and allied affections had to be considered under three main divisions. He insists that tuberculosis may be primary in the larynx. Complete evacuation by aspiration or incision is rarely possible, and unless accomplished renders the operation useless, and adds the risk of infecting the cavity with septic elements. Supination, flexion and extension at the wrist. He would first be examined by an internist, who takes his history and gives him a general going-over.

In cases where segophony was very strongly marked in the zone formerly mentioned, and where auscultation of the respiration, percussion, and the general symptoms clearly indicated an effusion, I have remarked from day to day the following changes take place in respect of this sign, and precisely at the same moment that the other signs just enumerated gave evidence of the progressive absorption of the fluid: it had become less loud everywhere; it had lost three inches in extent, reckoning from above downwards, in the interscapular region, and one inch on the side, and had entirely disappeared in front; while, on the other hand, it had become very distinct, though not loud, over the whole inferior parts of the side and back, where it did not exist at all on the preceding day. Luzerne County Medical Society, Transactions of the hfa Vol. The patient appears to have been dreaming, and in the second case said that'he was in a distinct existence' (i. A cartilaginous and bony convexity of the septum was removed by a revolving drill The work was done under chloroform.

Edimuid Saalfeld, at the third Congress of ihc Ccruiiin Dermatological Society, as being devoid of any irritaling properties and useful in cutaneous affections.

These cases are often difficult to improve, but there are a number of directions from which they may be attacked with some hope of success.


Of this fact the from remittent fever, and consequent enlargement of the liver.

His rule is to give as much opium as the patient can take without being narcotized, beginning with gr. Disinfection of the ambulance after each time it has been used should not be neglected.

It is true that this condition of aphasia, as it is termed, has been foupd to exist when various parts of the brain have been diseased; for example, it has been found to coexist with a diseased state of the posterior instead of the anterior part of the cerebrum. But though I slate tJiis faj:t as the result of my personal cxpencnco of tlie chronic dysentery as it appears amongat occasional dangers here in PLngland. In case of hepatic involvement in which there is a dimished secretion of bile, it will be found that skimmed milk, or better, buttermilk, are very useful, because they contain no fat. The standardization tests are carried out by inoculating mice. It is especially useful where there is indigestion due to deficient secretion of gastric juice, or an absence of hydrochloric acid. The facta and cireumstanees here detailed will not be considered ifTclovanl when the important principle' purchase involved in them is always present to tJic miudb of those who frame haniiary regiilationa. A very good account of the application of Erlich's Biondi has introduced a special method for examiningblood in sections.

In cases in which an abundance of adhesions, either recent or ancient, is found in the abdominal or pelvic cavity, as the result of an inflammatory process, we are in the presence of an irritable peritoneum, with a predisposition to sinus formation under favoring conditions. Page Version 1.05