Vaccination was soon found to possess all the merits of the former, without partaking of any of "withdrawal" its objectionable features, and hence its greater claim for preferment.

Fecal matter; matter cast out "used" as waste from Excretion (eks-kre'shun). When hcl death occurs during an acute scarlatinal nephritis it is generally due to oedema of some important organ or to urtemic poisoning. The diagnosis is, however, beset with difficulties even during the prevalence of an epidemic, for, on the one there are undoubtedly many cases of severe acute gastro-intestinal disease which so closely simulate sleep Asiatic cholera as to be neither clinically nor anatomically distinguishable from it. Etherization and strong counter-extension would be for required to reduce the deformity.

The every twenty-five officers and men at a station, 10mg whether tUey are sick or well, fio there is always a certain amount of chance as to remuneratibn in the bar. Mediterranean, and is Eastern and polished. Clinical observation in this disease, in conjunction with our present knowledge of the germ origin of the infectious diseases, leaves no reasonable doubt as to the manner by which typhus fever interaction is propagated. Russell speaks strongly on mg the little care that is taken by parents and guardians of many children suffering from that disease. But the symptoms subject received no scientific consideration until it attracted the attention of Edward Jenner, a country physician of Berkeley, England, Avhere dairy farms were numerous. Sir Charles Dilke (President of the what Local Government Board) made a short telling speech, in the course of which he referred to the words in the report, which were evidently, he said, carefully chosen, to distinguish between a mere exhibition and a museum. In our work at the laboratory of the State Live- Stock Sanitary side Board we have been repeatedly struck with the extensive involvement of the lungs in cases which were infected by feeding, when the intestine of the same animal showed either very slight lesions or no lesion whatever. These men look forward to the passing of the present Government Medical Bill as the crowning achievement of their labours in the cause of medical reform, because offering the prospect of a grand future to our profession, a future of acknowledged social position, with a future of ever-increasing usefulness, an, above all, a future of the highest influence in relatic n to the public weal.

Yet, probably, such a dose morbid condition exists, and has more or less importance in its relation to diseases. In tins country the disease occurs in the Middle and Southern, much cause oftener than in the Northern States. The pain is variable, and is usually located in the back or shoulder, or there may be tenderness and a dull pain in drug the right hypochondrium. In general, life is not lost in consequence of the extent of interference fibromyalgia with respiration, but, owing to concomitant affections or other circumstances, the vital powers give way, and the j)atient dies from exhaustion. She "effects" is followed by the bride, leaning on the arm of her father or nearest male relative.


Let us see what and positive evidence is available. This increase is not dependent upon the elevation in of temperature, and continues throughout the course of the fever and during convalescence. REPORT of OP SUBCOMMITTEE APPOINTED BY THE COMMITTEE OP COUNCIL ON THE REPRESENTATION OP BRANCHES IN COMMITTEE OP COUNCIL. The safety-pin, however, is by no means a perfect contrivance for surgical pain purposes; for, in its application, it is often troublesome to fasten and unfasten, and it is very liable to slip into the folds of a bandage, and thus to cause delay in its removal. Page Version 1.05