It consisted, on the night the patient was first seen, in the application of a.strong preparation of cantharides to the sjiine from the nape of the neck down, and in a vapor batli, which produced very free action from the skin, previously hard and dry. Nonvelles recherches sur la cytologic des graines de der Laubbliitter. The present Board is impartial and able. It is due to the officers of the meeting to say that they disclaimed any intention of purposely suppressing my letter at Chicago, but, at the same time, they offered no very satisfactory reason for their singular omission. ) Farmacopea ad uso degli speziali e medici moderni della repubblica italiana, agguintovi la tavola della sinonimia delle moderne nomenclature chimiche, e la tariffa italiana, ossia dizionario di farmacia e terapeutico, con r aggiunta di molte nozioni utili pel chimico farmacista. Mississippi Appendicitis from the medical standpoint. In the morning, found the engorgement PHLEGMASIA DOLENS: OB, MILK LEG.

The lesions were demonstrated by means of microscopic specinic ns. In his alarm he began to cry for his mother. The Murphy button is carried into the lumen of the intestine and its central projecting tube is carried out through the incision just made.

Febbre ganglionare dovuta a pneumococco.

Phiebite variqueuse et embolie Varix of the vagina in pregnancy. I his hospital is now in operation and open to all doctors of medicine of the commu nity. The physiological effects take place by virtue alone of the vital properties of the tissues, and, in the case of cold abscesses at least, with their low order of vi tality must be very indifferently manifest. I did not hesitate to assure him that this was simply impossible; that his disease, if any trace of it remained, was beyond the fear of contagion. Now let us enlarge our beam of rays which has been directed at the tumor until it covers a very much greater area, and let us keep the radiation of exactly the same quality as before, so that in a given time we have passed as much energy into the body as the skin will permit without reaching the destructive limit.

Post, Briddon, White, Hinton, Burrall, Hadden, and the members of the house staff. It does not appear that he suffered from neglect, but it seemed evident that his case had not been judiciously treated. In replying please give full information regarding education, ex California State Journal of Medicine.

The editor of the Druggist's Cikcular, in an able article, has ground that it would be a serious innovation to discard many remedies, because of their having become venerable.

Despite the almost universal condemnation of the policy developed at New Orleans and Chicago, the' Journal' continues to defend it. At a time of life when most men seek their ease and routine work becomes a drudgery, he devoted a large share of his time to the examination of recruits, and when he was given a commission he even gladly took it as being his duty, although it meant the closure of his office.


During the process of softening of the gangrenous tissue, communication with a bronchus was established, and, as it became liquefied, An attempt at cicatrization was made again and again, but each time enough of the putrid ferment remained to After a discharge of the necrosed portion the temperature and pulse declined to the normal, the breath lost much, though not all, of its putrescent odor, the cough lessened, and the patient imagined herself recovering, only to be disappointed when the inflammatory process again was aroused and another slough went through the process of separation. Rutherford, the first clinical teacher in this Vniversity, dwelt upon this point in"Prolegomena" he sets forth the necessity of knowing the"constitutions" of patients, or their natural tendencies to modes of morbid action. Amorphous substances are more likely to be devoid of purity, especially if they are at all susceptible of crystallization. It was impossible to discover any abnormal deposit of bone in the interosseous ligament or elsewhere, nor could it be decided whether the obstruction to motion was in the superior or in the inferior articulation, or in both. There are some who use the galvanic battery in the usual way for all cases indiscriminately; while there are others who have magnetic plasters for the outside of the body, with magnetic pills for the inside, by which they have a perpetual current of electro-magnetic fluid flowing with as much certainly and regularity as Prof. The heart and great vessels were nearly in the mesial line, and the cavity of the entire thorax was large for the size of the child; the lungs crepitated on pressure; the lungs, heart and thymus glanil were then removerl, and, on being put into water, floated; crepitation occurred under the scalpel; a portion of lung was squeezed under water, and bubbles issued from every part of the cut surface; the same was observed on squeezing:; a portion in air; nearly half of each lung was removed, and the remainder, with the heart and thymus still attached, was cast into water, when the mass again floated; portions of lung floated in water; the cavities of the heart contained dark blood, slightly coagulated; foramen ovale was closed, but not adult grasping the neck of the infant. Amitriptyline - lockwood, is arranging an interesting and attractive social and recreational program. Du reportage photographiiiue dans la presse Photographie diaphanoscopique des organcs cavitaires Guilioz (T. A year and a half ago he had slit up the cervix posteriorly, and to-day he had felt very anxious during the first stage of labor as to the probability of laceration of the uterus starting from the seat of the former operation. Fifth and Spring Streets Monrovia, California interest to the public as an ideal place for the treatment of general Medical devoted to the scientific study and treatment of diabetes and other metabolic diseases. Page Version 1.05