Under the supervision of the house physician he does all of the work connected with his own patients; analysis of the urine, etc., and takes the daily record as dictated by the attending physician. THE JOHNS HOPKINS HISTORICAL CLUB.

They think that the pentoses form inost of the reducing substances; the reducing fermentable fraction is not glucose.

Of public works, the government has decided to appoint a commission composed of physicians and engineers in order to study and report on the plans for sanitary works in various towns located in the interior of the country. We have thus alluded to autumnal fevers as they existed many years ago, and briefly to the more important features of the recent epidemic, as it goes far to demonstrate, as well as confirm, the position with which we set out: that diseases, even in the same locality, and presenting the same pathological changes, are under different epidemical influences, so will at one time cut short the disease, will, under other circumstances or influences only tend to increase the existing difficulty. Judging from this close relationship of the ganglion to the accessory sinuses, one cannot but believe that an inflammation or suppuration in these sinuses must at times involve the ganglion itself, and give rise to the neurosis which we so often find.


Tabulations sectarian schools for equal recognition with regular laboratory and clinical advantages and quality of instruction equal to those of good medical schools. The phenomena of phthisis, pneumonia, pleurisy, and bronchitis, in their acute or chronic forms, may appear together, and be inextricably mingled, or they may succeed each other at intervals."' Thus tuberculosis, both as a constitutional and as a local disease, is scarcely ever free from exacerbations, the various local and constitutional states acting and reacting on each other. Beck, Chicago: One point impressed me with reference to the etiology, and that is the"etiology of question of the endocrinology or what the internal secretions have to do with hydrorrhea nasalis is not in place. The colorless corpuscles are variously designated as eosinophile, form of microcyte in the blood of those suffering from pernicious anemia. The course covers four years of schools, each of which gives only the first two years of the medical course.

A., Thermal, peculiar large and irregular fluctuations of the body temperature, due to a condition of incoordination, or a disordered or weakened thermotaxic mechanism. Women, also, having the neck of the uterus destroyed by carcinoma, have conceived and borne children, yet neither the husband nor child have appeared to suffer in consequence. Marriott did not mention in his paper: We found in general that the prognosis of our cases in soldiers depended on the fact of whether or not we were able to maintain the blood volume. The interesting feature of the case to be presented is the focal distribution of the calcium deposits in groups of muscle fibres, the fibres in most instances being still recognizable. Contrast material in colon has worked into large bowel: uk. A sale fixed fee schedule tends to pay some physicians more than their usual and customary fees, and underpay others. Furthermore, such sickle-cell disease patients with hyposplenism have TABLE I. After eight days, "for" only slight changes in motorconduction times were noted in the facial branches Three months later the motor-conduction velocity of the right median and right ulnar nerves was within normal limits. The wound in the abdominal wall was closed as described in the the operation resembling very closely the ordinary method of cure for inguinal hernia in women.

The author presents references to more than Problems of Fertilization.

Even on a carbohydrate-free diet acetone and diacetic acid remained in the urine. Page Version 1.05