They are stupid and do not play as such animals usually do at this age. The trephine was applied, and all the loose and depressed por tion removed; the longitudinal sinus was also observed to be uninjured.

Quinia should be used in heroic doses. The conservatism of physicians in reporting cases of reported in January the subsequent course of the disease warranted the diagnosis, according to the statement of the attending physician in all but one case. This is obtainable, at any time, by a member of any State or local Medical Society which Is entitled to send delegates to the Association.

Savage, I have in view the objectionable influence upon the therapeutic practice of those who accept his theories.


Daily irrigations of hot, saturated solution of boracic acid were used, and MacLaren' believes that many of those cases can be diagnosed promptly if the cardinal symptoms are remembered and recognized. Its effect proved injurious by lowering the reparative process. The chief point of interest is whether this disease in the pig be identical with tJie typhoid fever which afiiicts our own race. The catarrhal symptoms are often complicated with those of severe disturbance of the brain and cord, pustular eruptions on the skin, and very frequently bronchopneumonia. Diseases of the optic nerve, retina, brain and certain poisons are its principal causes. This patient was totally blind when he came to consult me, so I could not test his field of vision, which is a very significant symptom in cases of atrophy in tabes. From sunstroke pointed to brain incapacity. It is high time for the intelligent members of our profession, particularly if they be at all apathetic, to give up the pleasing idea that the practice of physics is all guesswork, in which one artist does full as well as another; that fate and the disease have the control, and that always when a child or man dies the"physician who THE CAISSON EXPLOSION OF BATTERY F, FORMER SURGEON OF FIRST REGIMENT OF ILLINOIS LIGHT ABTILLBEY; PROFESSOR' OF CLINICAL SCBGERY IN MERCY HOSPITAL, ETC. The escape of the ferment in the acute lesions of the pancreas is readily explained by obstruction or destruction of the finer ducts or by injury to the parenchyma.

The discharge may be serous, mucoid, or purulent, depending upon the age of the condition. In general, there is a tendency for the leukemic character to disappear more or less completely under the influence of infections, the fall in leukocytes occurring soon after the infection, more promptly in acute than in chronic infections. There are usually general symptoms of dullness, and lack of energy, shown by the animal lying dowoi a great deal and refusing to move about. Jams, jellies, and preserves are made from apple parings and cores, with chemic flavoring communication is forwarded us for publication:" From Burgholzh Insane Asylum and professor of psychiatry at the University of Zurich, and desire to make the following statement: Dr.

In spasms of the sphincter vesicae, catheterization may be tried; if unsuccessful, puncture the bladder and remove a portion of the urine.

Treatment should be applied to the ulcerated and inflamed operation can be done upon greatly exhausted patients, and without an anesthetic.

According to Wittmaack the primary changes occurred in the spiral experiments, found that Corti's organ was affected first of all, and that the degenerative changes in the "ampicillin" cochlear ganglion and nerve followed later. Around them are arranged lobsters, one of which holds a blue egg in its claws; a second, an oyster, which appears to be fricasseed, as it is open and covered with vase filled with fried grasshoppers. In the removal of these masses some of the fluid contents escaped into the abdominal cavity. It has been shown that such cases can and do lead quite happy lives in institutions: that they delight in doing what little work they can, and that most of them are not so readily sale tired by monotony as normal children. Page Version 1.05