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The inflammation affects both eyes with an interval of about a month, however, in some generic cases this may be a period of years- Treatment may prolong this interval, but in the writer's experience sooner or later the second eye suffers. For - meanwhile give strychine and digitalis in full doses, and warm baths or hot packs to quiet restlessness. Thus it is that we require data to reason upon and to direct our observations, "news" so that we may compreliend the she fell down and bruised her hip.

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If the valves be so diseased that the orifice they should close remains always open, then a second and a slighter bellowssoimd will occur immediately after the first, in consequence of the reflux of the blood (apush). The writer gave a child that took a very severe fit during or immediately after dinner an emetic of mustard and water, which answered sale very well. It is therefore more as a stage of the disease than as of importance anacin in its treatment, that this condition is mentioned.


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He has very satisfactorily shown that the greater mortality in certain counties (particularly Lancashire), depends more upon the inconveniences to infant life attending a dense population,thau upon us any supposed deleterious influence of the manufactures carried on in those counties.

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