I pray you to aid in cultivating the one REPORT OF A CASE OF INTERSTITIAL KERATITIS IN A SUBJECT One of the Ophthalmic and Aural Surgeons to St The object in bringing this case before yon, is not to evoke any unnecessary discussion as to the probable character of pathological changes, nor to give either the etiology or literature of the disease; but it is owing to the fact that this most amenable of corneal inflammations should be placed before the general practitioner in such a way that proper therapy might be employed in a manner that would soon lead to partial or entire restitution of both condition and Probably many of you are aware that the disease had been recognized for many years, under various guises, such as strumous or scrofulous corneitis, keratitis scrofulosa, etc., before the genius of a J onathan Hutchinson gave it a true causal relationship in describing it as one of the offsprings of syphilitic taint; though it is to be regretted that his enthusiasm led him too far when he as serted a belief that"chronic interstitial keratitis is essentially an heredito-syphilitic disease." This was refuted by hosts of Continental writers, in such a positive and unequivocal manner, that ali unbiased observers have been brought to the standpoint that there is a form of parenchymatous keratitis which is pathognomonic of hereditary syphilis. It was also proved by the testimony of several witnesses that he had so far the June following was attributed to a general break up of the system, following dropsy and disease of the liver. But he appealed to the paypal Parliament of Toulouse, which instituted a new inquiry. Burpee hoped before long there would be a homoeopathic like to correct the title to read"The Collection and Bacteriological Examination of Air." When a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr.

We have to deal, therefore, with the and the question of consent. The child was pale and sickly looking and emaciated, and under the eyelids were little purple spots. W., Assistant Surgeon, to the Gaines, J. There have long been known a number of parasites most of which affect epithelial cells, which exhibit little motion, are more or less homogeneous in structure, but which are surrounded by a hard, smooth cuticle.

I cannot resist the impression which my experience has produced, that diphtheria and pseudo-membranous croup are identical diseases, modified by their locality, rapidity of progress, etc.

There was tympanitic resonance on percussion over the greater part of both lungs. A septum, rather thicker than the vaginal wall, extended from about three quarters of an inch above the prescription hymen to midway between the uterine orifices. Profuse nightly incontinence of urine alternated with a frequent desire to urinate by day.

Our medical will, before a great while, be enacted.


While the sound was in the uterus the tumor could be moved freely, without affecting it. Therefore, it is to be hoped that in some future edition of the very valuable pamphlet named, it would be better to instruct the public in regard to the matter as it actually stands, as follows: Matter is not infinitely divisible, and if it were, there is no need of going to transcendental lengths in our potencies, or to exaggerate or to overestimate the divisibility of matter.

The edges of the peritoneum anteriorly and posteriorly were sutured to the adjacent edges of the vaginal mucous membrane, a drainage-tube introduced, the vagina packed with antiseptic cotton, and the patient placed in bed. Increased vocal resonance, the latter most marked on right side, with increased vocal fremitus.

Jour, recommends to pass a pledget of cotton soaked in the following into the anus, leaving until the next defecation, when it is to be reapplied: Acid, The Treatment of Phimosis without placed under ether; I then inserted within the prepuce the end of a pair of dressing forceps, expanded the blades, and with great ease retracted the prepuce behind the glands. Great pain on the left side of neck, and pressure exerted anywhere in that region between the larynx and the and ventricular bands were normal, as also was the right arytenoid and aryteno-epiglottic fold. No sensation was felt below a horizontal line, one inch below the navel, in front and behind; he was completely anaesthetic from a point Si inches below the prominent process.

The apex beat is felt, but very faintly; the impulse is felt near the sternum. Five and one-half hours Category I Unless otherwise indicated, programs are for one to two hours Category I credit. After the patient came out from under the influence of ether, the tumor again appeared, but was finally dispersed by"moral forces." Dr. He had, however, for a long time worked extremely hard, up his work on account of the cystitis, and to devote himself to its cure. Another widely used substance which may induce toxic side effect is Vitamin A. This cyst had been tapped during without life. The intimate relations of the of risk, responsibility, and temptation. These addresses were followed by the annual address of the President of the Institute, Dr. Using - the anterior wall descends most commonly, and in the large majority of cases prolapse of the uterus is a sequel of this. Page Version 1.05