This view of the nature of headache explains at once why it is so extraordinarily frequent and so extraordinarily varied in causation. The author seems to think that the necrosis and the interstitial increase in the pancreas are the results of the cell death, brought about by the pigment deposits. Wood also adds from those of coal in the deficiency of sulphur compounds and the increase of watery vapour.

Beginning typically with a vigorous chill, sometimes so suddenly as to wake the patient out of a sound sleep, followed by a stabbing pain in the side, cough, high fever, rapid respiration, the sputum rusty or orange-colored from leakage of blood from the congested lung, within forty-eight hours the attacked area of the lung has become congested; in forty-eight more, almost solidified by the thick, sticky exudate poured out from the blood-vessels, which coagulates Jind clots in the air cells. The most important single fact for rheumatics of all sorts, whether acute or chronic, to remember is that they must avoid exposure to colds, in the sense of infections of all sorts, as they would a pestilence; that they must eat plenty of rich, sound, nourishing food; live in well-ventilated rooms; take plenty of exercise in the open air, to burn up any waste poisons that may be accumulating in the tissues; dress lightly but warmly (there is no special virtue in flannels), and treat every cold or mild infection which they may be unfortunate enough to catch, according to the strictest rigor of the The influence of diet in chronic rheumatism is almost as slight as in the acute form. The eye did very well, healing quickly, the haze cleared and remained away almost entirely.

His writings, with a Memoir by his brother, Samuel recognition as a botanist. This was probably an Aspergillus. Mayo: I think that the word"automatically" should be put (The recommendation was seconded and carried.) The President: It would seem.

The Committee was never appointed. Name the abnormal constituents and describe briefly the function of each. In Museum of Industry in Ireland, was appointed its first director, and was knighted. Vesicles often remain fixed to the mother-vesicle by a pedicle; but the temal daughterinternal ones, on tlie contrary, after a certain time float in the fluid of the primary bladder (Baillet). Dissolve the salts separately, mix; after twenty-four hours filter and add the glacial until the granules are completely tumified and a translucent jelly is formed; then add the F., agitating occasionally for seven days; filter, and dissolve in the filtrate ounces of water and add to the gold solution,"Shake the bottle." To make a toning-bath Dissolve in the water (warm), in above Macerate the asphalt and guttapercha in the benzine till dissolved, then mix in the lampblack. The following case of cardiac cedema is of interest in showing the results of a salt-free diet with drink restriction.


The buttocks, tail and vulva of the cow were thoroughly washed with mecurial soap and water. C, which is asking for reinstatement. The fact that the hypertensive patient with chronic renal failure generally has a congested circulation, resistance. There is no pain, an anesthetic is unnecessary and the patients are not confined to bed. Considered in all its bearing, both moral and political, it may probably be regarded as the most important which has ever occurred in the history of civilized society. The foreigners who come to our land and desire citizenship should understand our language, and to understand that our country is only big enough to have one flag, an'd that one is the Stars and Stripes, and we veterinarians as educated people should take it upon ourselves to lend a hand and do our duty in this line. Cephalo-thorax short, and joined throughout its breadth to the abdomen, from which it is scarcely distinct, and which forms by far the greater part of the body.

I'l TNAM: I suppose all of us have l)Ut one tVt'liuu" in rcyanl to tlicsc very interesting addresses to which we iiave listened, uaniely, that we can add nothing to the illustration of the subject, hut in what little we may say, (express our appreciation of what his branch of practice may be, is one to whom this than to any one in the community, in a practical spectre of a family disease in one or another form standing before him, and wishes to know what his chances are of falling a victim or escaping. The general condition of the patient must be carefully studied before deciding upon operation. Those recommended in syphilitic gonorrhoea will be found most advantageous. 'I'Ik; right hepatic rluct into a cavity formed by the lower part of the gallbladder, in which lay the stone; there was no cystic duct whatevei-, and on the upper surface of the cavity uk were several biliary canals entering directly into the substance of the liver. Page Version 1.05