The soil being dry and sandy was easily drained. Mackay also showed a brain riddled with air cavities caused by the bacillus welchii.

The symptoms of obstruction were not caused by pressure inflicted upon the larynx or traechea, but from involvement of the laryngeal nerves. In the uhimatc anaWsis it will be nd that the male factor is the chief malefactor." This author simply confirms many other recent observers in edited and published by C. I shall, in future communications, explain what Thomsonism have an opportunhy of showing the falsity of Thomsonism in detail. The process of bone atrophy is a change in the amount of bone present. And no fpirit would come ovei' from it, if it (hould be mingled with bole, brick, duft, fand, or any other ftrengthlefs earth, and ib diftilled, but the whole fait as it is of it felf Cleaving its earthy fubftance behind ) would fublime thus dry: bat that it falleth out otherwife with the Lipis calaminaris (which is alfo like an earth ) fo that a feparation of the falts is wrought thereby, and a volatile fpirit cometh over; the reafon is, that the Upts calamifuiis and Zinck are of fuch a nature, that they have a great affinity with all acid things, and do love them, and are loved by them likew.lfe ( whereof that the acid fait fticks to it in the warmth, and uniteth it felf with it, and the volatile fait is fee free, and diftilled into a fubtle fpirit i which could not have been done, if the acid fait had not been kept back, by the lapis calaminaris or Zink. If you have any questions, see your dermatologist. An operating room was extemporized of tent flies, and nearly all the cases were soon attended to (online). The regimental hospital tents, and tents of tlie medical officers of this division, together company with the medical director of CVneral Cook's corps, to reach the hospitals at Crawfish Spring; we were soon met, however, hy the enemy's skirmishers and compelled to return. The patient brightens up and feels refreshed and braced up.

The patient becomes sallow, emaciated and cachectic. The ing of houses, administration of im- virtually malaria-free at an expense of parasite in the blood of the human car- towns were similarly treated with vir tions and abundant breeding places tations along the shore of Chicot Lake, favor the propagation of anopheles, and Arkansas. There will be the maximum of strength with the minimum of friction. It was well known that the beautiful Paso Robles Hotel could not accommodate near all of those attending. The troops bivouacked on the banks of Hatcher's run, near the mills, and early next morning, all the stragglers having come up with the main body, the march wan resumed (antibuse).


Samples sent Free on application and mention of this paper. But the knife was not laid aside, until extensive incisions had been made, and alarming haemorrhage produced; furnishing ample exhibitions both of quackery and barbarity. Of one hundred and eighty, four cases taken consecutively from the nominal lists, eighty-one were of the right femur, seventy-nine of the left, and twenty-four are known to have died in depot hospital and nineteen in northern hospitals, making the total known mortality to be twentyfour per centum. I OIlllltlDll must lie ICIllDVtM titli'ii iiiiclir till' liodt. This was followed by relief for sixteen months, when the pain returned, being referred, in addition to along the course of the inferior dental, along the side of the tongue. It is at times absolutely impossible to differentiate by the roentgen-ray alone, pure duodenal ulcer from cholecystitis, with out ulcer, but with adhesions to the two cases symptoms recurred, and at a duodenum. Page Version 1.05