Your communication, indicating your interest and your expectation awaited, and on receipt of the expression of your interest, further developm.ents will be communicated to you personally in 20mg due time. The pubic bones have but little importance in this direction, and their principal function is to serve as a source of attachment for wirkung the abdominal muscles. When later General Fries came to France and assumed direction of the Gas Service, Colonel Church remained in charge of the defensive section of the Gas Service and at the same time was liaison officer between the American and French Gas Services.

It must be rcincmborcd that ignorance of the temporal liiw is no excuse; liow mucli greater tlieii is the personal responsihility wliere the health of the nation's greatest wealtli is concerned? greater moment than the care of children, one which has been felt by at least one of the great European nations, and one which certainly would have been considered by one nation of this continent had it not been less prominent owing to the great tide of oral immigration which has increased by leaps and bounds its population.

From the antithesis of the above. Epithelial tissue can be produced only by proliferation of preexisting tissue of the same kind, and no amount of irritation can produce epithelial tissue from connective tissue. The rule is a tendency to constipation with small formed stools, varying with stools that are very soft or mushy, practically never a norjual stool.

Again, it was suggested that the paralysis was paralytic rabies caused by the bite and not by the treatment, which latter being administered without intermission cured the disease. Chiari has pointed out that postmortem digestion is frequent in the pancreas.

The infection has now been found from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast, and additional cases of infection are to be expected. In the other cases malignant growths were the cause of the intestinal obstruction.

These observations indicate that there is a critical the supply of oxygen becomes insuflScient. Though less irritating to the nose and eyes than chlorine, and gases, producing a large number of casualties with a high percentage Phosgene probably owes its toxicity to the property of being readily split up, in the presence of water, into HCl and CI. He had many friends in Bohemia, hence it came about that readers of the minor society journals and newspapers of the baser kind had frequent opportunities of becoming acquainted with his name and achievements. It is characterized by paresis, intention-tremors, scanning speech, nystagmus, and mental disturbances. Those figured have been chosen to show the easily available range of the apparatus described. In the selection of cases for transfer to the leprosarium, the policy in effect at present gives primary consideration to the types of the disease wherein open lesions are found.

In ordinary conversation the compound word"will-power" signifies its force and persistency. Moreover, the difference between an upper and the lower routes for the removal of these cancers, from the standpoint of permanent cure, is so slight that it is probably unfair to subject the patient to the added risk of the more serious operation. While the temptation is strong then to give the patient the first measure of relief they afford, it is well not to use them except in feverish individuals who must be made able to continue their occupation for some special reason. Sixteen of the successful operations of this series were performed during this period. A rectal or vaginal examination should be made to determine whether it is a primary disease or secondary to some pelvic condition. Producing chronic bulbar paralysis, as already mentioned; this form may occur in disseminated sclerosis, tabes dorsalis, general paralysis of the insane, and in certain toxemias. The prevention of this disease is especially important, since the mortality is so high. If A out of charity employs a physician to attend B, his sick neighbour, the physician does not become A's servant, and A, if he has been duly careful in selecting him, will not jelly be answerable to B for liis malpractice.


At first the eyes deviate upward or to one or the other side, and the gaze becomes fixed and staring; next there are tivitchings of the muscles of the face, sometimes slight and limited to one side, and sometimes general, often involving the muscles of mastication and giving rise to trismus or gnashing of the teeth. It is almost constant, increases in severity, and finally becomes general and excruciating; it is also much increased by deep respirations, by pressure, and by bodily movements. Instances in which, as the postmortem examination subsequently has shown, cerebral hemorrhage has followed a drinking-bout, render the diagnosis more difficult; in such the patient should be given the benefit of the doubt and handled as though the case were one of apoplexy.

A Survey of Recent Laboratory typhoid fever in an epidemic form in Gallipolis was the topic of an animated discussion following Dr.

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