HoflF, surgeon, lecturer on the duties of medical officers in war and peace; Major William C. It is said the Governor regards the suggestion with favor. One of them related to the extraordinary number of teeth sometimes found in these whom was an ovarian cyst of large size, containing three pieces accounted for? If the teeth are produced frojpt bone in the ordinary manner, how is it that these pathological specimens in so frequently found in the form of masses or balls? He would like to inquire whether, when on tapping a cyst we found the whole or a portion of the fluid removed become of the consistence of butter, we could be safe in assuming that the tumor was of the Dr. In all of these, hoM'ever, the disease Avas well advanced. Gifts are deductible for Federal The Foundation is pleased to acknowledge the receipt of gifts in remembrance of the following individuals: Medical College.


The six segments presented useful medical and health information within can still be enjoyable and productive. It is the continual irritation that causes the inflammation and ulceration and leads to a cavity formation. How can such children infect other individuals? I answer, by the act of kissing, by the mediation of spoons and utensils carried directly from the child's to another's mouth (tasting its pap, etc.), by the innocent contacts of sleep, and, as lately reported in one instance, by the aid of the finger of the infant, which was habitually sucked, and then thrust into the mouth of its nurse.

It should be a question for every householder to know that his only protection is in personal and domestic cleanliness. Cooperation was secured among the Directors of the Yerkes, Lick, McCormick, Halsted, and Harvard Observatories. Two days later he had headache, muscje volitantes, nausea, and frequent attacks of vomiting. We have therefore in Congo red and phenolphthalein two indicators which are capable of demonstrating free acidity, and in the absence of the former, combined acidity. A slight infiltration of the lymhpoid-cells. Inoculation has sensoril come and gone, taking with it its hundreds of thousands of victims. The Wassermann test in the blood-serum was also negative.

No bacilli were found in this by microscopic examination, but a guinea-pig inoculated with it died with cheesy tuberculous pus at the point of inoculation. "The administrative body charged with the organization of these congresses has planned them along unique lines, with emphasis placed in special manner upon the unity of knowledge, the interrelations of those several provinces of learning now grown so extensive that no man may, with reason, aspire to thorough acquaintance with more than one or two. He should be of deep intelligence and of a simple, humble, brave, but not audacious disposition. An edition is now distributed from California to Maine, and from Canada to Louisiana. The reason is that while in the former edition there were articles on Diseases of the Nose and Throat in the fourth volume, which served as an introduction to diseases of the respiratory organs in the tifth, it was thought advisable to issue the articles on the nose and throat in a separate volume, and thus render them more accessible to readers specially interested in them.

That such setiuelK often do It is also true that extreme deviation of the septum and nearly complete occlusion of one nostril may exist with comparative freedom from any resultant obstrucrive The question of operating, therefore, must in each case be left to the judgment and conscience of the surgeon.

Piffard thought Previous investigations into the botanical relations of the microscopic vegetations giving rise to certain skin diseases have been fallacious on account of the faulty methods employed. Page Version 1.05