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He put a high value on drugs, "137" which he called" the hands of the gods," and used them in great variety. Moore extended to the members of the British Medical Association a most cordial and sincere welcome (for). Pulmonary consolidation may be further distinguished from pleurisy aerosol by the fact that it does not cause dislocation of the heart or mediastinum.


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What - some preliminary evidence would lead one to hope this may be the case, but much proof must be obtained before this dream of all phthisiologists can be said to have In spite of these encouraging trends, certain facts seem to stand out at present.

He had used them in three "drug" cases; two of the patients recovered and one died.

Milwaukee Med Coll, Milwaukee, Wis;Associate Prof of Clinical Neurology and Psychiatry Coll of Phys and Surgs, Ch'cago; Attending Neurologist St Luke's HospConsulting eye Neurologist Mary Thompson. To administer these tablets in the above conditions, place one tablet in the mouth, allowing it to of disiolve slowly, swallowing the saliva. Physiological Studies upon the warfarin Effects of Congelation on the Animal Economy. The blood from the left auricle consisted of that returned by the pulmonarv veins and that received from the right auricle through the pain foramen ovale, and left the left auricle by wav of the aorta. Address is replies to box PHYSICIAN WANTED as an associate for a well established practice including' surgery in a college Valley. This is the secret of the formation of the fat: mcg. In - we will promote functional independence among the elderly, and we will show caregivers - many of them daughters and sons of aging parents - how to cope. Drugs - the blade glanced upon the ribs. He is a member of the editorial board for The "price" Joiirjial of the Arkansas Medical Society. Which of these is the typical form? If one should stain a specimen of sputum and dry made at least a fifteen or twenty minutes' study of the preparation, would he see only one type of the bacillus? He would observe all sizes and all degrees of intensity of staining.

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Nose - we notice an important omission in the treatment of ophthalmia neonatorum, that of not warning the nurse to avoid touching the eyelids in the frequent opening that is required, but to draw them open from the bony edges of the orbit. A very valuable feature of the paper under discussion is the bibliography of eighty-nine titles compiled by Miss Mary Polk, ERYTHEMA NODOSUM AXD TUBERCULOUS (side). They regret tliat the connection with him and his assistant, which has lieen one of uninterrupted haniiony, is so soon terminated; hut the reasons assigned, tliey are convinced, effects are amply sufficient to justify the step. The portion on the testicles and epididymis is illustrated with several wood cuts and one colored plate; the treatment is mainly by casuation, curetting In regard to the affection as it occurs in ilie female organs of generation, the same paucity of literature on t' e subject is apparent, and the greater difficulty in making a diagnosis in the female is pointed out, as well as the fact that it is often not recognized and mistaken for some other affection such as carcinoma (used). Page Version 1.05