The same thing has been shown by Adami in the liver, when within fifteen minutes after inoculation, he observed bacteria india within the endothelium, and in two hours within the liver cells themselves. It is but incidential to a far greater evil that pervades the medical profession and for which physicians themselves are responsible.

The veins appeared normal to the touch, and all pain had disappeared. But such board may for sufficient cause refuse such license. Delegates travelling to this meeting will obtain tickets for one fare and one-third by applying to the station agent at the starting point. And that the pulfe may be thus fpent or loft, merely through the narrownefs of the leaft veffeis, is proved by the experiment, in which a pipe, fixed in a leathern tube, and driving forth water in a continual, but ftarting ftream, does, by a fponge, fixed round the mouth of the fald tube, caufe the water to iflue forth in an even ftream, without leaping, through the fponge: and the fame is evident from another experiment, in which the the veins, in one continued even ftream. In almost sire to inject the fluid without first reevery instance, when the acute symptoms moving it from the original container, general devitalization is the final result are scientifically prepared, and precise that constitutes the essential indication therapeutic results may be confidently for treatment. The lymph nodes above the right clavicle were greatly enlarged, discrete, movable, and free from tenderness.

Observations point to the belief that the endotoxins are liberated only after the bacteria are killed and dissolved.


Benefit in such cases will be derived from bathing the feet, night and morning, with a mixture of half an ounce of tannic acid in a pint of cologne water, drying, and powdering with Warts.

No albumen and, all the organs in good condition, save a slight bronchial catarrh. The crab-louse occurs in the hair on the trunk, under the armpits, etc. The depression following it does not seem to be due to the sweating itself, but rather to the eects of a gradual increase in the quantity of carbonic acid gas in the blood, incident to the difficult inter change of gases in consequence of the pulmonary affection. Keyes said the question was extremely pertinent, but he did not feel qualified to answer it. It is said that the slightest tip would have caused it to take than Dr. The bacteria generic were seen largely in the interstitial substance between the convoluted tubules; many were within the excreting cells showing as faint diplococci or short bacilli with polar staining.

The breaft or thorax is a fort of craticle or cage made up of moving bones, mufcles and cartilages j being of a figure almoft elliptical or oval with the narrower end of the obtufe cone upwards, and fomewhat comprefTed before, but behind divided by an intermediate eminence of the fpine.

So far as is known at the present time the organism does not produce a soluble toxin, but possesses rather an endotoxin. ,,f t he blood, but it rather infers out with the scientific care that is nee- should be selected with the same care New York has pointed out in a paper selection of a consultant or expert in any not always satisfactory, and has called tributed at a central station; all workers attention to some of the defects of the should adopt a uniform, recognized method.

The usual.lose is one capsule Since the introduction of Alcresta three tlmes da,, - v - taken at leaSt an huUr functional amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea of and the unimpeachable testimony of its Ovarian origin, manifestations of physi- therapeutic efficiency by physicians, ologic or artificial menopause, neures- some of whom have enjoyed interna thenic symptoms during menstrual life, tional reputation, has been based solely sterility not due to infection or mechani- upon the fact that it produces results in cal obstruction, loss of one ovary and in- those conditions in which it is particu adequate functioning of the other, re- larly applicable. The healthy adult absorbs and discharges daily rather more than seven pounds. Parts of Hayden's Viburnun Compound is contained in their booklet.

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