The disease has been known to trouble the patient seven or eight years; bur during that time, he has enjoyed many intervals of good health. The need for the reinforcements' services was all to apparent, as"the odor of gas gangrene Field Hospital equipment, which included an operating lamp and an autoclave, the surgeons and technicians set up a four-table theater in a small tool room adjoining the garage.

Adjacent to the valves the endocardium will usually be found slightly thickened. The specific gravity is dependent on the quantity secreted, but it is generally higher than at The existence of a kind of climatic atrophy of the kidneys in persons who have lived long in the tropics, is insisted on by Dundas, but is unconfirmed by other reports. Finally, we must admit that in presence of this complication, especially when there is complete obstruction of the trunk or primary divisions of the pulmonary artery, all our therapeutic means are without avail, and we are indeed almost powerless. The treatment of both kinds of effusion is the same, viz: a vigorous application of cold. Most of these were preserved by Giacomini's method, and as no special note exists as to the social standing or character of any of the individuals from whom they were obtained, the results are of value only so far as they show to what extent confluence of fissure occurs in that class from which the Hospital wards are recruited. They were carried into the hallway of the barracks, stripped, and bedded down. Townsend reported a case where one tubercle burst immediately under the pleura.


It is not foreign here to observe, that although an occasional purge leaves a degree of eostiveness, a course of purgative medicines, which corrects the diseased state of the intestines, often leaves the bowels more regular than ever. The modifications of this normal line in pleuritic efiusions represent the eflect of the negative pressure of the fluid. I have now careluily marked the f.ict, in an immense number of cases, and I have found it to hold good in every mstance I have met with. The lacerated lung, hemothorax, and diluting serous fluid are vulnerable to bacterial injection with production of pneumonia, lung abscesses, pleurisy, and empyema. " What's Hecuba to him, or he to Hecuba?" Of course nothing, yet the player weeps, and maybe the audience weeps with the player. No convulsions nor other symptom preceded death, which occurred on the morning of the eleventh day. Heavy traffic during the Ardennes battle had churned the roadbeds, and in the second week of February a sudden thaw turned them into channels of mud and slush. If Johns Hopkins medical school had not been filling its faculty "betamethasone" slots when he was an ascending star in New York medical science, he might have been forced to divert energy into a lucrative private practice and lost his singular immersion in medical academia. On the question of relapses, of cardiac complications, of the dose of the drug which is most efficacious, the a renewed rise in the temperature, or by an accession of jointpain, are perhaps even more common under the new than under the old method of treatment. The temperature is more elevated, as a rule, and the depression is markedly lower. In the first place there is no such thing as sewer-gas, as an entity; there are certainly gases in the sewers, tities. Further ensuring direct control of operations by 005 the chief surgeon's staff.

In none of these j)atients, however, had the Hnes of pigment exhibited the characters seen in Dr. Since the offensive this large main mission of patient reconditioning, had housed and fed the personnel of withdrawing medical units. While the grouping of the progressive stages into three successive grades is a somewhat arbitrary, although decidedly convenient, division of the process, nevertheless it is also justified and thoroughly warranted by the clinical behavior as a whole. In regard to the spinal cord itself, Tuczek always found it diseased (in eight carefully examined cases). Page Version 1.05