.A,lso, the use of drugs to get rid of functional albuminuria _ and traces of sugar. He showed by means of a series of lantern s ides how cystoscopy by itself excluded the bladder and localized one or other kidney as the active sept-c tocus in certain cases of chronic pVuria. The confinement to bed should be enforced until convalescence is fully established. Dix, are re-published, without giving credit to this Journal. In subjects much enfeebled by considerable evacuations, by numerous bleedings, or by disease, the quantity of the aqueous humour diminishes, the convexity of the cornea is lessened, and they can only see Portal, Anatomie Medicale.) The ingenious experiments of Sir Everard Home and the late Mr.


The close student has the advantage of the research of his predecessors and contemporaries, always modified by the possibility of a wrong conclusion or an error in observation, but, he will never forget that lie himself is the final authority when it comes to judgment in the selection of a remedy and adjustment of its dosage; also, that there is more to In our present state of knowledge we may say that atropine can be accepted as being useful in the following conditions; deliriums," and in many symptoms and or nerve irritation as a cause. For the first six days, little benefit seemed to be efiected; but after this period the symptoms gradually declined under the same perseverance in the medicine, and in thirteen days more, they If there be any thing which adds to the sedative power of opium in this disease, it is sudorifics, and particularly ipecacuanha. He said that when an equal'volume lecorded, but the preseilt foUicle appeared to contain tiue natuie Professor Scon told of an occurrence cf double ova in single follicles in a rabbit he had examined Ar a meeting of the West Kent Medico-Chirnrgical Society two years GaU stones were common in the prime of life and two-thn-ds of the cases were in women; frequently repeated bilious attacks, indigestion, flatulence, a feeli. The following departments of surgery will be taken up individually: General surgery, Mr.

Heberden had used every medicine he could think of to relieve this patient, but in vain. It is, as already observed, fromthe frequency of its appearance among swine, that the Greek name, as well as the more recent one of scrofula, is derived.

Treatinent wius continued for three.i there was uo change iu the eyesight, although the trcatlucnl CYST OF EIGHT STJPRARENAr; CAPSULE. I have noted in the use of these preparations an increased tendency to hemorrhage, nose-bleed, and profuse menstruation. The region of the macula lutea is devoid of larger vessels; the larger trunks running to the outside above and below encircle it and send finer Normally, the retinal vessels are constantly counter filled, with slight variations in volume as result of pulsation.

Last September commenced to comj:)lain of pain in stomach. I found the patient in his bed, unable to sit up, with small weak pulse, white tongue, with the margin assuming a healthy aspect, stools of a natural appearance or nearly so, skin moist, and no complaint of pain, but a good deal of debility. Prolong the treatment and do not be in too great a hurry. Tho the respect of discharged sailors and soldiers should be two institution for the maintenance and treatment of tho cent, of the payments to the smaller hospitals, was rejected by tho Reprosentativo Meeting, which passed a resolution that when the treatment of soldiers and sailors for di,-.onsos handed over to the staff, this time in the case of all hospitals; and on this occasion the Representative Meeting So far we have indicated the effect of Government assumption of responsibility for treatment upon opinion in the voluntary hospitals in London were able for the part to meet their expenditure out of their receipts. Medicine, by James Copland, THE DEAD PART SOFT, MOIST, CORRUPT, AND Mortification signifies the death of a portion of the soft parts, sometimes including also the bones, as when the whole limb mortifies. The current is broken and the instrument is introduced. The intrabronchial insufflation of the pneumococcus, the pneumobacillus (Friedlander), and the streptococcus mucosus caused pulmonary lesions of the character of lobar pneumonia with an abundance, of fibrin and with slight tendency to invade the lung framework (uk). The treatment of alcoholism and the drug habits in general require remedies thoroughly classed as a heart stimulant, nerve tonics, sedatives, reconstructives, hypnotics, etc. For instance, a child twelve years of age, having only the conceptual powers of a normal child of nine, would have to be classed as imbecile: the. John Printer, of the Foundling hospital.

Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery. The kidneys were nearly blood less: the pancreas of a pale reddish hue. The part played by a cream domestic"bug" in the causation of this affection. I propounded my views to my patient, and very readily obtained her consent. Over - individuals with a superabundance of nerve force did not feel any effects from this kind of energy expenditure, while in those possessed of only a limited amount an extravagance on the part of one organ meant a lack of normal supply to and consequent malfunction of some other organ. Clinical Instructor in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Page Version 1.05