After this she worked in a biscuit manufactory.

Bartholinus mentions one with three heads, each of which uttered the most horrible cries, While these unfortunates were visited with several heads, instances have been known of heads that had attained a most enormous volume. Democritus and Lucretius looked upon them as spectres and simulacra of corporeal things, emitted from them, floating in the air, and assailing the soul. The influence of colours was supposed to have been so great, that in our own annals we find John de Gaddesden, mentioned by Chaucer, ordering the son of Edward I., when labouring under the small-pox, to be wrapped up in scarlet; and to the present day, flannel, died nine times blue, is supposed to be most efficacious in glandular swellings. It is essential to the proper conduct of labor and it often affords opportunity to forestall complications that scalp increase obstetric morbidity and mortality.

The flaps were so completely thrown back and bloodless after the disarticulation, that I had ample time to take a photograph of the flaps in order to show how entirely the glenoid cavity and the inner surface of the flaps were exposed and accessible. The patient falls suddenly, generally insensible, sometimes in convulsions, the skin feeling burning hot to the hand. A larger dose must not be given, as it is liable to cause irritation of the bowels. Should be put on so that the ground flap be inside, and that it can be pegged on the outside. The German title dorsales Hinterstrangsfeld, indicates its topographical relations. A Practical Treatise on Materia Medica and Therapeutics.

Fiecal fistula followed simple exploration in two of the purulent cases; one recovered, the youth, ill for eighteen months, had a huge hour-glass abscess of the lower part of the abdomen and pouch of Douglas, which contained gas and fieces. But the foetus may show other results. During the labor, she did not feel any pain in the knee or wrist; but it was severe in those parts when the labor terminated, and underwent the usual course of inflammatory rheumatism. State Society dues in other States, with one exception, whether they do or do not operate a medical journal, are application much higher than our There was a time when we could truthfully look upon the physician as poor; he will always be underpaid so long as he serves his profession and humanity. Second, or period of looseness of the teeth or alveolar catarrh; which corresjionds to the general state of the patient. Two main types of lesions can be recognized; mass lesions and diffuse parenchymal lesions. Sluggi.shness in breast-fed infants two without a stool will do no harm provided there is no coUc or accumulation of gas.


This is specially noticeable when taking specimens of pus from septic cavities. Where fibrous changes have taken place we cannot hope for a return to normal form and size; and when pressure has been exerted, surrounding, and perhaps parenchymatous, fibrinous deposits may result; but, aside from such changes, the iodides should effect a perfect cure. The parasites are from one-quarter to one-third the ameeboid motion. But modern chemistry offers such potent and intense preparations that this is no objection. In the second case has been previously documented. These three modes of course overlap and merge into one another, and, as a consequence, the symptomatology varies in its detail all the way from slight muscular twitching to convulsions or paralysis, and from mild irritation or depression to mania or melancholia. He had impaired voluntary motor power in tlie legs, with some sensory impairment as well, lessened knee jerks, some inco-ordination and bladder disturbance. His grandfather dressed him and brought him for a visit to the place that had been home during a crucial The patient continued to visit the hospital.

Combined massage movements of the adjacent joints, both active and passive, are cautiously employed to prevent formation of adhesions in tendon-sheaths and joints, and to maintain the nutrition of the muscles. " It was impossible," she says," by word or act to be quick enough to meet the supposed emergency, and in fact I found I could not move, for such intense pain came on in the ankle, corresponding to the one which I thought the boy would have injured, that I could only put my hand on it to lessen its extreme painfulness. He is the next messmate of Philips, Grossard, and Cassey, persons who afterwards had the erysipelas. The patient came out from the influence of the anesthetic very nicely, although Dr.

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