On questioning the mother I would find that no opium had been given outside of my direction, and something else must be at fault. We do not doubt that the results, and those not remote, will justify the School in the courageous and unselfish forward step it has made in medical education, and that the lead which it has taken will be soon followed by Vice-President, Dr.

The clinical results that have been obtained are as follows: Seven cases of well-marked pulmonary tuberculosis were very critically examined before and throughout their treatment. Theoretically a"cavity" remains, but practically it will be found that the wound surfaces are all in contact upon completion of the dressing. One had received a kick in the abdomen a week before From the evidence here collected, there is evidently nothing in sex, habit, condition, or exposure, which will indicate the likelihood of pancreatic hemorrhage.

In an unguarded moment he suggests a vaginal examination by some gynecologist in consultation, only to find mother and daughter in arms against any such treatment, and most likely deeply insulted at the bare suggestion; the usefulness of that practitioner in that particular case is gone forever, he has confessed his inability to treat the case, and all confidence in him is lost. Even a bare suspicion that the condition is hyperphysiological should lead us to investigate thoroughly, since we know that malignant disease of the portio develops in the majority of cases in the fifth decade. According to this idea, therefore, the groups of ganglionic cells, may be considered as constituting a battery with two poles, or, rather, capable of being charged from two sides; the one pole is connected by means of the lateral rays, with the filaments which conduct the orders of our will, the other pole, by means of dilferent combinations of ganglionic cells, with the reflex nerves, so that a group is capable of receiving both psychical and physical stimuli.

In the treatment the basic element is the object of attack, and whatever this may be, the iodide of potash will find an indication in the arterial change, which if recognized in its incipiency can be practically controlled, providing the patient is manageable. An attempt had been made to explain this asymmetry on the theory that there is an unequal development of the cerebrum on the two sides. There is a partial loss of reaction in amazon the i)octorul. Before death, the tongue and lips became of a brilliant scarlet color, and the tongue appeared About three minutes before death, the dog became convulsed, the breathing became spasmodic; and at the moment of death, the muscles were violently convulsed, and the body ana extremities were stretched backwards. Improved under tr Iron and Bitartrate of Potassa, and Tiuc. Subscriptions to this end are being solicited, and about one-half the necessary sum has thus far been secured. Judsox said that the question," What determines the direction of the limb in the deformity of hip disease?" was one of considerable interest.

In cases in which this proves of no avail, the author makes use of a pillow filled with powdered starch; the effect is a cooling one, but requires frequent changing. Which he had listened to the very important and initiative address which had been delivered PEESIDENTIAL ADDRESS ON THE FEVERS OF INDIA. In a few seconds, the dog emitted the muscles of the neck and face.


OBSERVATIONS OF CONFEDERATE SURGEONS ON THIS DISEASE. Trichosoma plica of the dog; found in the urinary b. University of Nebraska College of Medicine.

The very slow pulse returned to normal in ten to twenty minutes. The controversy with reference to the inherent contractility of muscle, independent altogether of nervous influence, carried on from the time of Haller to the present day, may now be considered as settled in the afiSrmative. On opening the body, the paunch burst from the pressure of the great mass of food which it contained; and as little or no gas escaped, I concluded she had overgorged herself, which produced a stoppage in the bowels and deatL"'A few days afterwards, a lamb, which to all appearance third succeeding day another was discovered dead, on the flock being visited early in the morning. Naphthol soap also valuable in scabies and pediculosis. The Empress Augusta has offered, in connection with the German Society of the Red Cross, a prize in Berlin, in June. Page Version 1.05