Also, Brasivol Base (abrasive free) now available for acute Annual Health Conference Inc.; and Mr. Thousands of practitioners of all countries have spontaneously borne testimony to its efficacy. The importance of a proper medical police is either not underftcod, or little regarded, Many things highly injurious to the public health are daily pra-flifed with impunity, while others, abfolutely necelTary for its Some of the public means of preferving health are tion of provifions, widening the ftreets of great towns, keeping them clean, fupplying the inhabitants in a very ciirfory manner. In fact just at the time xl the operation can be done with safety, the case is far advanced toward recovery; coaxing with emollient poultices will then accomplish all that is required. If my memory is correct, this Doctor B had some trouble with a girl.


Clark, who originally had referred her to me, and who has kindly permitted me to report the case. There cannot be many w r ho are unimpressed by its effectiveness where the incidence of tuberculosis is high. The action of tobacco smoke stool and tobacco juice is not due to nicotine, for it contains none, but to pyridine, picoline, colledine, and other bases, forming a homologous series, which are produced during the'combustion of the tobacco. The change therefore consists in a note which is duller than dull but not as flat as flat should be.

The chief feature in this change is a violent inflammatory process, which causes the orifices of the uterine tubular glands to be obliterated. This, with a dofe or two of rhubarb at the beginning, would often carry off the difeafe. The picture presented is that of a proliferation of these cells beginning in the sinuses and not in the lymphoid tissue. His object in the paper is to try to impress the fact that the bromides in the treatment of epilepsv have a much more restricted application than is ordinarily considered to Demonstrator Genitourinary Diseases, Jefferson Medical College; Chief Clinical Assistant, Outpatient Genitourinary Urinary toxemia is a chronic autointoxication due to some disturbance of, or interference with renal function ( i ), ranging from a mild toxic condition to the more grave or uremic syndromes; the onset may be sudden and acute, or it may steal upon us The incidence depends largely upon the careful clinical research as well as definite determination of renal function; keeping in mind such relative factors as acute or chronic nephritis, the various albuminurias, scleroses, myocardial insvifficiency, polycystic kidneys, obstruction in the lower genitourinary tract, cystitis, pyelitis, unilateral or bilateral hypernephromata, renal tuberculosis, ureteral or kidney stone, and numerous allied conditions which urinary toxemia are practically reduced to one condition, viz., inability of the renal epithelium to perform its function.

Department of Agriculture, of Milk and Its Use in the Home. At the operation it was found that the left tube ran uito the growth; afterwards, when the tumor was examined, it was found to consist of a uniform hypertrophy of an inch of the uterine half of the tube remained attached to its inner aspect, whilst the abdominal end hung from its outer side. Baldwin, of Saranac Lake, President of the National Association for the Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis, as chairman; Maher, of New Haven; Dr. I informed him that he was probably better in his business than as a juror because the judge had later decided that the verdict of the jury was clearly against the weight of evidence. Attention was called to it by a smear that was sent to the laboratory for examination. Joseph Parrish had said" inebriety might descend as inebriety, but it was just as likely to change the form of its appearance into insanity or other allied manifestation." Bearing this in mind, it is important that the child of an inebriate should be kept free from what might upset the nervous equilibrium, care being specially taken that the surroundings during early years were bright and calculated to develop the higher and nobler characteristics of the individual. For the subsequent weakness of the foot after the period of immobilization, tonicity will be aided materially by alternate douching with hot and During the first twenty-four hours apply cold to the ankle.

In - there is no dislike on the part of the poor to go into this hospital, because it is not the workhouse, so that the few fever cases that do occur are quickly removed out of the crowded houses.

It is best given, if a large dose, (half a milligramme, oneseventy-fifth of a grain) be indicated, twice on the first day, followed in the following two oa three days by small doses to sustain the effect. Andrews publishes in the Chicago Medical Examiner some letters from South American surgeons on cundurango, and its To sum up the result, it appears that the profession in Ecuador have confidence in cundurango, more especially in syphilis; but it is very doubtful whether the fluid extracts retailed to us are properly made from the genuine drug. That night I sent him to the City Hospital, and in three days he was dead (tablet). Page Version 1.05