Hypoglossi have all a The zone of fibrae arcuatae externae ventrales is extremely thin and contains only a few fibers and stains antibuse less intensely dimension, especially the former. And now as to the nature of the disease.

In his introduction to the Comments on Materia Dr. Where milk as an article of diet is prescribed, in a medicinal sense it is, to say the very least, hard that it should prove to be the source of disease and even of death. First under the form of small white or greyish points, either on the tonsils or the velum of the palate or the above named, and we shall have as complete an image as"Also cures of croup by the aid of Ipec.

Knee-joint under the carbolized spray of Lister, assisted by Drs. Gray replied that there was no tendon reflex in this case, and was disposed to agree with Dr. Dulcos, then, confounds the disease with its occasional exciting cause. She returned to Altoona (Holstein), and was there operated on for malignant tumor of the breast. A similar plan of treatment was there adopted; but whilst in that hospital, a number of sinuses formed, communicating with the interior of the joint. (Physician to the Grady Hospital.) Professor of Anatomy and Clinical Surgery. The HomcRopathic Medical Directory of Great Britain and Ireland and Annual Abstract of British Homoeopathic This excellent annual is indispensable to every homoeopathic practitioner, and is also calculated to be of great advantage to homoeopathic patients. I mentioned the eflects I have alluded to, and tlie difficulty I had in understanding them, to my Swiss acquaintance, and he said, very gravely," you do not seem to know it, but that u tmbnal surprised as if I had been accused of witchcraft, and denied the charge with much earnestness: my accuser was not to be reply to the remarks, made by Mr.

The work of the Council had reached a stage when little more could be done by the efforts of the Association as a whole; the continuance of the work and the final accomplishment depended upon the individual members. It has sometimes happened that troops have been ordered to points where no provision has oeen made for their accommodation, either as to sleeping or eating, and thus have been left to provide for themselves or go without; and before their wants were supplied a number, unaccustomed to such exposure and privations, are taken sick. The macrophages, or larger type of these wandering endothelial cells, now show definite degeneration, as do the fibroblasts. In the course of the last three years he had had five or six attacks of inflammation of the peringeum, attended with redness and swelling, lasting for two or three days, and ending in a discharge of pus. It should be borne in mind, says the author, that the forceps is not a compressor.

"During the action of the medicine, there will be a slight elevation of the temperature of the surface, rarely exceeding one degree; and a still slighter and less appreciable rise of the internal temperature of the body. From the extensive suppuration, the patient was in a hectic state, and it being An incision of two inches was made in the direction of the crural arch, by which the aponeurosis of the abdominal muscles, and the fallopian ligament, were laid open; the fascia lata femoris was then divided, and the the thigh-bone, and towards the middle of its neck plunged in a long single-edged knife, the poiut of which was then carried round the internal and jjosterior surface of the bone; the knife was then steadily drawn downwards and inwards, aud brought through the integuments one-third dowu.

It is of great advantage in dysmenorrlioea, and Dr.


.This conditon lasted for about thirty seconds, when the patient became quiet and performed the act required of her. He never hesitated to give cathartics unless there is a tendency to abortion. As a means of prophylaxis in grip it was advisable to keep children from older persons having the disease. They are not familiar with the late discoveries in medicine, nor do they reflect its present condition; errors in diagnosis and treatment are the daily clinical lessons which they teach. Page Version 1.05