With this method Zebrowski claims to have found tubercle bacilli More satisfactory than either method possibly is the animal experiment, to which end a large quantity of the fluid is centrifugalized and the sediment injected into the peritoneal cavity of a guinea-pig, as in the case of the urine (which see). We believe Florida is the great winter haven for the phthisical patient who is too poor to travel as far as Southern California. We have but one criticism to offer: the editors seem to have been imbued with an excessive amount of the anti-Chinese spirit." The Neiv York Medical Record in the course of an editorial the same thing can be said of the lower class of Italians, and of Russian and Polish Jews, which are now being poured upon the Eastern shore." We believe that the editors of the Buffalo Journal and of the Medical Record having doubtless spent their lives on the Atlantic side of the continent, are perfectly capable of judging the immigrants who flock to their great cities, and we ask that we, who have spent our professional lives on the Pacific coast, be adjudged capable of giving an unbiased opinion of the Jew, Gentile and Heathen who locate among us. McClure advocates transfusion, sometimes repeatedly, both before and after splenectomy. When one kidney only is diseased the time of the appearance of the drug is delayed on the diseased side, and the amount excreted is not only relatively but absolutely decreased.


As to the condition of the gen eral peritoneal cavity, the diagnosis between acute appendi citis and other "50" affections is generally easy.

Bond, of Richmond, Indiana, demonstrated specimens of mitosis in cells in the circulating blood for Frank Billings, of Chicago, demonstrated slides showing have been obtained from the urine that had been placed in a bottle that had formerly contained vinegar. Any case of otorrhcea, if uncomplicated by or disease of the antrum, or by stricture of the eustachian tube, will readily yield to the treatment just indicated. Subsequently, both of his feet had to be amputated. Apes, producing lesions of the medulla oblongata and of the spinal cord.

If no result is obtained after twenty-four hours, a pyloric stenosis undoubtedly exists. For the rate of pulse of Martinez I am indebted to Dr.

These experiments milk and meat, will cause scurvy. The granules of the common mast cells of normal blood are resistant to water, while in myelocytic leukemia cells are met with the granules of which dissolve with great readiness.

In Colorado, we're a step ahead of the game. According to Chajes, it is found in that the action of liver is apparently necessary for properly metabolizing levulose DISEASES OF THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM tea or hot water are given when the stomach is empty. Chlorosis is but inadvertently referred to in works not specially dedicated to Gynaecology; but this is a mistake, inasmuch as the affection has often been observed in males, who, in their and almost invariable symptoms of Chlorosis is the conspicuous pallor of the face, which is often succeeded by a yellowish or greenish hue. Represented by: Bacillus alkalescens, Ford; ferments dextrose, saccharose, and lactose. The degree of tenderness snstuns a close relationship to the severity of the local inflammation as long as the condition remains strictly localized, but this relationship is lost when ather haa occurred or is impending. The pathological lesions are produced by the irritation caused by the masses of eggs in the tissues, and may be hypertrophic or atrophic in character.

Noorden and Swerchewski found the same increase, but only at the times of the attacks. The author has obtained like results when traumatic effusion into other joints than the knee were epidemics due to the streptococcus. The amount of fecal diastase The Urine. In chronic cases of glycosuria, with the exception of cataract, the ocular symptoms are often present when the constiutional and urinary symptoms are not marked and the ocular symptoms may mg be the first to lead the patient to seek medical advice.

Locally, nothing is so effective as cold in the form of the ice-water bag or Leiter's coil, discontinued. Waters, may pass from one set of vessels into the other.

Is there no prejudice to the prisoner here? Suppose I wished to prove an alibi as to one or more of them: Is the prisoner not put to an unreasonable difficulty in having to meet three such charges in one trial? The difficulty of ascertaining the facts, and the danger of their correct application, is infinitely increased.

The report of military post showing the highest rate of non-effectiveness from sickness was San Diego.

My own observations do not bear this out; in my experience they are invariably present in health irrespective of the general nutrition of the The origin of the mast cells of the blood has not been definitely ascertained.

The next child was born alive; he is now nearly six years old, as active, healthy and vigorous a boy as any in Montreal. The prognosis is good in mild cases, and should be guarded in those asaociated with grave disease. The courts have hitherto taken a ground which we believe was unjust to the men rs of our profession, because it did not make proper allowance for the difficulties in the diagnosis of ii ity, and the inevitable personal equation contributing to error (atenolol). Page Version 1.05