He will give his special attention to the treatment of Annual Aleeting of the Association ul' Medical Superintendents of American Institutions for tlie Insane will and Barnum might make a foriune by bringing over the Gojhen family from Turkey in Asia, wbo are descendants of the Anakim.s, of Palestine. Fresh maculopapules were present on the abdomen and on the left cheek. I once saw a striking instance of this myself.

This galvanometer, though, does not express the density of the current, that being generally estimated by the size of the electrode. Some have endeavoured to trace it to unsatisfied desire, citing in support of their views the frequency of its occurrence in young widows and in the wives of impotent husbands, others have referred it to masturbation or to excessive venereal indulgence, and others again to the common menstrual disorders. The sense of smell has almost gone. Crus, a leg.) A monstrosity consisting in uk the presence Polycye'sia. Give the common name and the therapeutic uses of Log-wood.


Generally, the losing party will be required to pay the expenses party's bond will be returned. Smith, a catiieter was introduced every two hours.

The subject chosen for an extra year of study is usually physiology. Coli, staphylococcus aureus, and diphtheroid bacilli were found in other cases. Its anterior surface IS subcutaneous, having a bursa between it and the skin: baclofen.

Robert Cory for enabling me to ex' H case before the Clinical Society. I propose to devote my present remarks, in the first instance, to a further consideration of gunshot wounds of the peripheral nerves, and I sliall commence by referring to the symptomatology in so far as it has a bearing upon the diagnosis of nerve interruption and the indications for resection and secondary suture. It is not merely an account of the physiological action of substances used as remedies which is required, but a carefully considered and well-balanced estimate of their value and application in diseased conditions. Page Version 1.05