Now, however, it had been demonstrated by thorough investigation that, though hereditary tuberculosis was not absolutely nonexistent, it was nevertheless extremely rare, and they were at liberty, in considering practical measures, to leave this form of origination entirely out of accoimt. Where suppuration seemed inevitable, one should not wait for the abscess to point, but should resort to early incision. To this end mosquito nets should be used whenever available in malarial localities or seasons, and if not available the skin should be as far as possible covered during sleep. The best time to operate on an appendix is as soon as the diagnosis is made, but I don't believe the diagnosis is always so easy to make, especially in children, as has recently come under our observation in two cases.

We old doctors have just been galloping up and down the road with our old medicine pouch day and night in the rain and cold looking at tongues and feeling of pulses, trying to cure old Bill Short of pellagra and Jim Smith's old sore leg, and John Jones' wife of hysterical fits, who is trying to bid farewell to this vain world of crossroad doctors and asafoetida pills. You could hardly put your finger down upon the intestine, but you would find several growths varying in size from a millet seed to a robin's egg. These pouches contain very solid layers of concrete fibrin, just as a common aneurismal sac does, to which they correspond in more than one point.

Just here will drop a word of warning: it is always well to have handy a solution of per-sulphate of iron, also a bottle of (Merchans) peroxide hydrogen in the event of troublesome hemorrhage. Tiie female external genital organs; a. Immediately I put him on tincture amal internally and sprayed his amal.

" These germs are liable to be gathered on the feet and on the skirts of women and taken into private houses, where the most perfect ventilation will not stay" We believe that the time has now arrived when the people of the city of New York will heartily support the adaption of such sanitary measures as may seem necessary and expedient for the abatement of this widespread nuisance and source of danger. When the disease is far enough advanced to produce uremic symptoms, such as headache, twitching of the muscles, convulsions, coma, the more active measures, such as sweating and purging should be employed. Antikamnia tablets are essentially pain-killers, yet in this instance they nullify the reflexes almost precisely after the same physiological All coniihunicatloDs to Thb IkDiz-LANCsr must be oontrlbuted to it ezclusiyelT. They may sometimes secrete, insteadof their usual contents, a peculiar matter, the physical qualities of which may have more or less resemblance to those of a tubercle; but this is no proof of the latter having been always preceded by a serous cyst, and secreted from it.

From a point of view of the safeguarding of the public extreme conservatism must be exercised for it has taken too long and too much cost of all sorts to educate the laity and the medical profession up to an intelligent evaluation of the importance of pleurisy, slight hemoptysis and slight fever as infallible signs of phthisis for us to weaken the argument in any way, especially in suggesting another possibility offering an easier way of escape. The only discordant voices come from those who seem to fear that in some way or other symphysiotomy will suffer by comparison with this simple and usually harmless procedure.

ROTARY LATERAL CURVATURE OF THE SPINE. Health Departments, with whole time health officers, have been organized in various counties throughout the State. Le traitement des affections du casur par de la fievre typho'ide. When this term, however, has arrived, the bias is thrown on the other side: and, the vessels of the corporeal and of the pulmonary circulation being equally perfected, the tendency to accumulation will be in the latter, in consequence of online their shorter extent.

Effervescent drinks betnovate are almost always harmful. In fishes it is almost always upon the stretch, as in their uncertain element they are exposed to more dangers than any other animal. He will not make any"snap every case presenting. Some cases are reported in which the exophthalmus has persisted for a year after the operation, though in almost all cases it has been noticeably less. The same pay and allowances to which persons of the same grade in his own army are entitled. It is a brief respite from the harness of professional service. I think latterly I have used borolyptol more than anything else, and with better results, and I am in the habit, so soon as the ulcerations following operative work become even with the surrounding tissues, of, we might say, polishing the surface by antiseptic friction applied every two or three days for two or three weeks. Page Version 1.05