Adult are at once an integral part of the sexual system, besides serving an imjxu'tant cosmetic purpose, providing protection to the anterior wall of the thorax and supjtlying iiutrimcnt to the It is the only secreting organ calling for a vacuum to drain it, and discharging directly on the surface. K the vessel comes from a plague or yellow fever port, the vessel is fumigated with sulphur dioxide or hydrocyanic add to kill mosquitoes or rats. By vote of the Society this invitation was accepted. It is important that skin tabs be removed at the time of the operation.

It is also unusual to see well developed aortic regurgitation in so young a subject. It is absolutely imperative to guard the joint against injury and strain by continuing for a long period fixation or traction or both By the use of plastcr-of-Paris. A flap is then marked out on the pectineus muscle of sufficient size to fill up the crural:anal without any tension, and including the whole thickness prejac of the muscle. In sterile or infected dropsy of the gall-bladder cholecystectomy is unquestionably the operation of choice, unless the patient is too weak to withstand the interference, in which case a rapidly performed cholecystectomy, followed by drainage of the organ, must be done. In conclusion, I wish to say that everything should be done for children to make them good physical machines, but they should be taught how to guide and control these machines. Accordingly we introduce into the cervix a metal electrode which will fill the canal, and attach it to the positive pole, the circuit being completed in the ordinary way by means of an abdominal electrode.

Xo disturbance of sen of arms present and equal, the wrist jerks being more active than those of the elbows.


Clinically we had recognized four forms of nephritis, the acute form with bloody urine and the other signs, the albuminurias, profuse, moderate and scanty, with concomitant symptoms from which we built up our nosology of acute, amyloid, desquamative, and interstitial. Ball and you will prize it as highly as any book you have in We congratulate Dr Ball on having made a solid contribution to scientific history which will be a valuable help to those who have not access to the original sources.

The submucous tissue was also congested and full of inflammatory cells, and there were numerous haemorrhages into it.

I longed to go to the old meeting-house and listen to a sermon preached from the soul. Did you ever hear of it?" I replied,"Yes, I have heard of it." In the drugstore at Yokohama it was lying on the counter. Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. Munn, surgeon to the Colchester and Essex Hospital," pain is doubtless our great safeguard under ordinary circumstances; but for it we should be hourly falling into danger; and I am," he continues,'inclined to believe that pain should be considered as a healthy indication, and as an essential concomitant with surgical operations, and that it is amply compensated by the effects it produces on the system, as the natural Sciences that"pain has always its usefulness"; he doubted if there was a true advantage"in supressing pain, by rendering patients insensible, during an operation," and argued that" it a discovery whose object was to prevent pain was of slight I might go on quoting both medical and religious objections at one time brought to bear against these now universally employed agents, but it would be a waste of time. Osier is taking with him to Oxford a curious epistolary collection, for he has been bombarded with letters, telegrams and stating in good set tenns why they should not be chloroformed. The examiners shall be physicians actually engaged in the practice of medicine or surgery in the State of Maryland, and of recognized ability and honor. Doubtless in some of the earliest cases cure may be obtained by medical therapeutics, but unfortunately the disease can be rarely recognised in this early stage or until the renal focus has involved the calicos or pelvis.

The Eberth bacillus appears in the patient's urine on the ninth day, and it may be discovered fifteen days after the commencement of the apyretic period. Page Version 1.05