Patient dineased by the introdiietion of the-se germs than decomposing fleah, or the air of a liutarctto orcrlooded with excretions, and that the disease inny not only continue to exist, but to circutiMtnnccs which favored the development of the gctros of "cefixime" tho disease outside of tho body.

During these forty years scientific medicine has progressed all over the globe in steady evolution.

The disease at that time was confined to those who lived immediately over the cellar mentioned, notwithstanding the very unfavorable sanitary conditions which then prevailed throughout the town.

This suggestion Syms has of pressing the prostate down by making an opening into the prevesical space below the peritoneal fold, whereby he could introduce his finger without opening the bladder.

The mother or nurse is shown how to do it, and is directed to do it every day for a week, or until it is no longer a difficult thing to do. There was performed, but the returns nevertheless indicate commendable activity and improvement ot the Presidency General and Medical College Hospitals, and constructive and administrative alterations were carried out in other institutions tending to add to their usefulness and comfort The cholera and bowel complaints were m considerable excess. The upper part of the face was covered with a the exposure was twelve minutes.


No other member of the family had the disease, so far as known. Good healing took place and the infant's face became presentable, though still having far too much width of nose and separation of nostrils. This Academy has not only followed this progress, but has contributed to it very largely.

H.) Fracture of the neck of femur in a man Pevcy (J. KiNNicuTT had seen a case of a young athlete who was seized with great pain; the pressure was so great that he was immediately aspirated. It will be noted that the pain is less when the drainage is good. Many pathologists refuse to accept any such classification, and, as Obrzut remarks," quantitative diflferences no doubt exist, but quantitative histogenetic difi'erences there are When Dr. Advanced the view that in substantive emphysei have a disease which is, both clinically and anaton entirely different from the other forms of pulmonai physema; that with this form of emphysema, ai chronic Bright's disease, the condition of the va system is a matter of great importance; and thai stantive emphysema is really a chronic interstitial Such a view of the nature of the disease is not who have recognized that a mere dilatation of the spaces could not be the whole of the disease. In the outlying boroughs the results were usa less satasfactory.

Arch, case of uu-i)igmented sarcoma of the ciliary body and iris. Practitioner, Lond, di eresipela trattato feliceniente colle iniezioni all' acido Callinno (C.) Sulla moltiplicitadei metodi di curadelr erisipela e snlle attuali razionali iudicazioiii del metodo witii tile biclib)iide (if iiiereiirv, and tbe result in four Brown (D.) Tbe siiifrical treatment of erysipelas; a CelUilo- cutaneous erysipelas, involvinj; baud, forearm, Seibcrl (A.) The surcical tieatment of erysipelas in Slinrpin (E. Perhaps he is rather too unfavorably inclined toward an operation during an acute attack, stating that the risk to life probably entails a mortality of over twenty per cent., but it is to his convictions regarding the operation during periods of quiescence that we shall at present restrict Sir Frederick presented before the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society a paper in which he suggested that cases of recurring appendicular inflammation should be treated by removal of the appendix during the absence of acute manifestations. This man, oftcr oodniltitig the most eminent physiciaos, and after undergoing all sorts of The moist cmptioiu upon the hcntis of children, viCTirioiis ccacnuts, sod vvitit tliG nunibcr of eczemas against wbusL- local treatment no objcctioiu can be made, and in tbc euro of Tvbicb tlic most brilliant success maj be tbc like, and since in a prcat majority of cases tlii-y amply suffice to fsczema: buy.

The story of the besieged Romans at Camulodunum forms some of the most stirring chapters in Tacitus, and Colchester also played a part in the Civil Wars. Efter audra Fniiiska npplagaii, ijfwersatt och PoGGiALE.

The abscess cavity gradually fills up again to the level of the opening, accompanied by the. It is considered doubtful, however, if another trial is ever had, because the witnesses are scattered and the cost of the trial is very large. The object of his remarks appears to have been, first, to apologize for the medical profession of America, and next, to urge the members of the German Congress to come over to this country next year. Lancet, Loud., Ijodato (G.) Retinite gomniosa preiuonitoria di sifilide Ueber einen Fall von gummoser Erkrankung des Chiasma Ueber Retinitis syphilitica, ihr ophthalmoskopischcs Bild, Parker (E. A similar and double vagina, which was only accidentally discovered after her second child was born. Page Version 1.05