I prescribe, three times a day, an injection prepared with a certain, quantity of water with as much sub-nitrate of bismuth as can be held in solution. Having already made sufficient allusions to explain our theory much space at each allusion thereto to give the manner of its use, wo refer the reader to the explanations under its proper heading. I simply dilute strong acid of any kind with about one-third its volume of water, although the dilution is not necessary. The character of the vaccination also affects prognosis. Eight centimetres shorter than the left. They well nigh cover the entire field of gynecology, and cure when all the milder elective measures have failed.

It should be added, that there is much fairness about the proceedings: M.


That danger, then, may arise to the patient under such a treatment is quite conceiva ble, and it is a source of unfeigned satisfaction and pleasure to me to be able to make known a mode of treatment as safe in all such cases as it is efficient, by which the usual mode of treatment, accused of being so hazardous, must soon, and I hope forever, be superseded. Typhoid malaria is certainly a very uncommon disease, but when it does occur the condition is doubly serious on account of the combined infection.

Large doses need not be continued, but enough to keep up a moderate degree When the fever assumes the adynamic form and becomes continued; when typhoid symptoms are setting in with delirium, sordes of the tongue and lips, tremor of muscles, depressed cardiac action and feeble pulse; or, on the other hand, when the febrile condition assumes the sthenic type, often reduces temperature and produces marked improvement. I was unable to obtain the exact facts, as no records were kept by the resident physician; but from the statements made to me the inference appeared unfavonraltle to the expectant method of treatment. The spleen was delivered with some difficulty. The mother tells us that, after a short absence from the apartment, she returned and was astonished to find this change in the appearance; the corner of the mouth was depressed, the eye staring, and the left side of the child's body motionless. Under C, the cutaneous affections in which the drug has been found curative or useful when administered internally, and under D, those in which the drug has proved useful when locally applied. Artery for the Arrest of Hemorrhage. The dura mater was adherent to the skull, clot.

The gentleman who introduced diclofenac the resolution had said that Dr. In support of this statement he seems to rely chiefly on the fact that the results of its uk inoculation into the lower animals cannot be procured with the streptococcus pyogenes. They are most frequent where tendons play over a bony process, but may occur at any part, and are of all grades from those producing a slight halt, with almost imperceptible thickeni ig of the tendinous cord, to those in which the cord has been extensively torn and becomes the centre of a most violent inflam.-nation. In the beginning of an acute attack of appendicitis the pain is usually referred to the umbilicus or to the right iliac region; or it may be referred entirely to the stomach. Halsted Boylan, of Paris, has recently presented some ideas concerning the cause of yellow fever, charbon, and tetanus, and he claims that the worms coming to the surface of the earth from the bodies of those buried who have died of these diseases frequently act as propagators of the germ or poison. Bust patient, an immediate advantage may be gained bv bleeding, but this is rare. I believe the recovery of many cases is retarded because of over-treatment. He condemned the pursuance of a system of"cramming" and hot-house vegetation. The nephritis complicating gastric and intestinal affections must also be borne in mind. His appetite was good; he had no indigestion or sore mouth: his bowels were regular. Page Version 1.05