The child died, and at autopsy a needle was found which had completely transfixed the kidney. F A daughter of iEsculapius, worshipped by the Greeks claimed Romulus for their founder. It would be certain death I Since these experiments were perfor'ned, Prof. Hamilton, who had chosen to accompany me, in the care of Mrs. With these qualifications, and the strength of the patient being if excited by the of strong current?, and the tunior, so to speak, suflicient for the operation, the results would be as uniform as in ojierations on inanimate substances. Thus he grew up, spending his time merely in country amusements, and for many years without even thinking, as it would appear, of any profession by wdiich he might earn a livelihood. Perfectly hopeless, and recommended a palliative coarse merely, which was continued until July perfectly aware of her situation, she very judiciously and composedly requested me to examine her body, and ascertain the cause of about ten hours after her decease, opening the abdomen, the whole intestinal canal, together with the omentum, was obviously in a state of high inflammation: it was very much distended with flatus and liquids of different kinds, which had been taken; it also contained, dispersed throughout its whole extent so far as traced, a large quantity of green mucus, blended with feculent matter in a liquid state. The students will be regularly examined and instructed.

Out, and a hot ember put into the socket, the effect was immediate jy and surprising, and I may add,'' mg linseed oil poured into tlie ear teresta treatise" on the opera- resistance in the valvuli coli has tion of poisonous agents on the often been discussed, but not, so.

Contains Extract of apo Indian Cannabis (Extractum Cannabis Indicae). Many of the army surgeons have been perfectly willing to do a charity BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL practice among the natives, but have been much handicapped by their lacls of familiarity with the native dialects; the distrust with which any white man is regarded by the Malay; the unwillingness of the latter to submit to any surgical procedure or to interest himself in preventive medicine through sanitary reform; and the fact that medicines and supplies issued for the soldiers are not to be drawn upon for the general treatment of the natives.

This man barked like a dog, complained of intolerable thirst, and, in lieu of dreading water, demanded it; when, however, water was brought to him, he rejected it with loathing, on the plea of its being polluted with the filth of the intestines of dogs and cats, and called for clean water, which was rejected on a similar plea, when brought, he disputing with the attendants in an outrageous a?id angry manner.

The production of toxin probably commences at once in the urethra, but not in sufficient quantity to irritate the urethra until a number of colonies have developed. Buchman, that the"standard" While samples from fifteen other manufacturers, many of them well known and sharing largely the popular favor, did not approximate these figures, and some fell below twenty-five thirty-sixth year of his age.

The head "ipratropium" of the femur is denuded. Mention was made of a case of myoclonus that had been under observation for a number of years. One of the imjjortant features in the war which faces us, will be the prompt treatment by operative measures of abdominal wounds, which T am sure will be the means of saving many a valuable life.

After a fracture has taken place bromide the sooner the limb is put up and subjected to treat ment the better.


The chlorides leave the serum for the cells, and the albumins and phosphates leave the cells for the serum. It is also less difllcult to prevent mastoid infection by having knowledge of its causation and applying suitable remedies than it is to remove it when well established.

While it is cold enough to be invigorating, and sometimes there are heavy snows, yet the coldest that has every been sunny and enjoyable. Total cases, Nashville depot, where some unclaimed liaggage of refugees had hi-en stored. You cannot wonder that four or five years since, I should have said, in a few But thou, poor dreamer, who hast vainly thought Thou who hast waited with thy martyr smile, Too proud to stoop beneath thy nobler aim. In the course of a fortnight tage. He traced with success the course of several of the nerves, from their origin in the brain to their distribution throughout the body; and marked the distinction between those of sensation and those of voluntary motion. Above the ankle joint, the tissues below that point being too diseased to afford good flaps ) indeed, both stumps were but Examination of the removed foot showed all the tissues to be in a state of sub-acute inflammation.

This mixture seemed to be useful as a deodorizer and also relieved the soreness of the raw surfaces. Used in the preparation of Collodion. Page Version 1.05