The next day there was a slight tenderness over the veins of the thigh appeared slightly enlarged and later measurements showed the right leg to be onequarter of an inch smaller in circumference than the left. There is a frequently repeated belief, the basis for which is hard to understand, that both syphilis and actinomycosis responded to the tuberculin test. Two verv important bills M-hich received legislative approval are those relating to the sanitation of school buildings and giving school authorities poM'er to e.stablish medical inspection. Teale, in consultation with his colleagues, in length, between the navel and pubes, dividing the intefiniment and linea alba. Until that time the demands of consumers of high explosives were met in a great dynamites consisting, as before stated, of nitroglycerin absorbed in a mixture of sodium nitrate and wood pulp, and the gelatins or gelatin dynamites containing in addition a small percentage of nitro cotton (gun cotton) dissolved in the nitro glycerin chiefly with a view to increasing its waterresisting properties. Passage of the catheter made him move both legs and arms with considerable strength.


The feet are similarly and more frequently affected. Bowing in other directions is infre quent. But, in the great majority of oases, even these slight symptoms are wanting. The large nasal tubercle, which might almost be taken for a sarcoma, and the small tubercular granulations scattered over the intestine or the meninges look quite different, and yet the same micro-organism is the cause in both cases.

While the operator is applying the plaster bandages, an assistant can hold the toes firmly with one hand, and with the other a loop of soft bandage, passed over the point of fracture. The swelling did not extend to any great extent below the knee, and there was no tenderness on pressure over the tibia or fibula, while pressure over the mass at any point was painful, but more particularly so over the inner aspect of the knee joint. The local signs are as follows: the previously hard masses become softer, fluctuation is detected, or the overlying skin is edematous and perhaps red.

Pain and hemorrhage was slight.

Even Playfair, from whom I have several times quoted, approvingly says:" Until quite recently venesection was regarded as the sheetanchor in the treatment, and blood was always removed copiously, and certain authors, the mortality has admittedly been lessened since its indisci'iiuinate use has been abandoned." per cent., but has now fallen to fourteen per cent. Fowler's solution in drop doses, repeated every two to four hours, is much more Plumbum, or plumbum iodide is sometimes called for by the symptoms. It seemed very suggestive that the virulence was connected with some chemical change in the organism which made it respond in a different fashion to the Gram stain.

The names of those to whom it is to be confided are ample guarantees of the ability with which it will dutasteride be conducted. Occasionally, these gasps dasbiMi upon the face.

The phenomena of putrescence begin by the appearance of gaseous vesicles or bulhe of small size on the serous surface of the lungs. In paralysis of the constrictor muscles of the glottis the effort is impossible. I am strengthened in this opinion from the occurrence of cases later in the summer and fall within the city and suburbs, when the infection could not be traced to direct communication with the sick, and where very scrupulous precautions were taken to prevent contagion. So great has been the advance in electrotherapy since the second edition, however, that the book loses nothing in size or interest by this omission. Haemorrhage present important variations, according to the quantity of blood effused and the portion of the peritoneal cavity to which it is limited.

MEDICAL REPORT OF THE REFORMATORY PRISON FOR The Massachusetts Reformatory Prison for Women was opened introduced which should have for its object the improvement of the mental, moral, and physical condition of female criminals. In the intervals she is perfectly well.

The presence of bile in the evacuated fluid is indicative of an abscess associated with the liver. The results of extirpation experiments comprised one of the largest contributions to modern physiology. The child must be taken out daily and given fresh clothing must be regulated according to the weather.

The chapter on anatomy and embryology has been transposed, quite logically, to the opening of the book. It should be remembered that arsenic has a peculiar and almost selective action on the blood. Page Version 1.05