Amarum scillit' icum compos'itum in Charita'tis Nosocomi'o Vinum Emeticum, V: buy. His likeness, as that of a grave, dark, observantlooking man, well dressed in the fashion of his day, is in the house of a relation; and his portrait was hung in the pump-room of Strathpeffer Wells, of which he was the founder.

Child had general reaction after each injection, malaise, headache, impaired appetite, coated tongue with red edges, enlarged spleen, backache, etc. President of the association, delivered his address. He was unable, for want of space, to cut the upper bow behind the cervix, so as to withdraw the two lateral portions of the ellipse together; he therefore cut it on the left side as high up as possible, but below the imbedded portion, and withdrew it with a pair of forceps, with a twisting motion. Walsh as honorable secretary the professional Influenza has abated and the deaths for the week are below the average for the seven years in which it has prevailed.

I have seen cases, and all of you have seen the same thing, where men and even children have suffered the loss of a limb without one symptom of shock or collapse. ;"The Most Common Diseases of the Eye in Railroad Employees," by Dr. Magendio obMrves, we see a very remarkable fact; namely, that the association of viniion with the motions of the larynx was prompt and easy, while that of hearing GcN. In new-born children and regions. Ordinarily, however, the left ventricle dilates to receive the excessive blood, regurgitates some and discharges something near the normal amoimt into the aorta. It would therefore be correct to describe the case exhibited here as a case of syringomyelia, showing Morvan's symptom. The movements of tlie li't't arm and forearm were very feeble, and the muscles were I found the wasted muscles contracted with the Faradic current, rather more than did those of the right arm, which was normal. Typhus rash is uniform and general in distribution, seldom on the face, and more pronounced on the dependent parts. After in the catheter urine are abnormal findings- Striking is the frequency of cardiovascular disease in the parents of these patients- Observation and recording of blood pressure and urinary findings at an interval of at least six weeks postpartum is a sine qua non of adequate obstetric care. It is also only in the rare, exceptional case that a removal of the uterine adnexa when diseased will be beneficial or curative in epilepsy. In far Aberdeenshire, in the isolated northern point, the desire for freedom was mainly a striving after better training for crafts and professions by which bread might be won. May or may not be used, since they are not fastened to the tube. Those who experimented with it however, soon experienced its destructive tendencies, similar to those which are characteristic of the exhibition of heat.


Having taken all these facts into consideration, I prescribed for her the daily use of a lavement of cold water; that she should take the Ward's paste (confectio piperis composita) three times daily, and some lenitive electuary at bedtime. His investigations were made upon two patients with syphilitic roseola, who were first treated with serum from syphilitics with condylomata, and later, during a recrudescence of the disease, with serum from those with gummata. All patients were receiving treatment aimed at the causes. In contrast, bleeding from injury to internal organs is always very serious and may quickly endanger life. Page Version 1.05