College, Reviews briefly some circumstances involved in the early development of medical education in New A brief account of the historical development of the Academy of Medicine in Westchester County. Lowenfeld believes that acute polymyositis is an infectious disease, sometimes attacking the muscles alone, and sometimes both the muscles and the nerves. Some old, forgotten smart Alec said it was so, therefore it by close confinement in a warm room, the giving of warm drinks and sweating teas.


As the disorder progressed, he became very mood.y and tended to withdraw from social activity. On each side of a central aisle are arranged working tables for seventy-two students, the number which can work at one time. It is probable, however, in all cases of mental derangement, that either the brain or its membranes are in a diseased condition, although our ordinary modes of examina tion may not enable us in all cases to detect it. Further advanced cases require surgical treatment. The patient is dis satisfied, restless, anxious, discouraged; or muttering; delirious; sleep disturbed, with unpleasant visions. A drain which ran along a highway past the village of Wetheral, in the at the foot of the plaintiff's garden, had been used for many years to carry surface water, and also slop water from some of the houses but was now a sewer vested in the Rural Sanitary Authority under houses in the village drained into cesspools; but recently one of a water-closet and discharged the solid sewage matter therefrom into this drain bj- means of a communication which he already had with the drain for the purpose of carrjang off his slop water, thereby causing an intolerable nuisance to the plaintiff. The paralysis just described, affecting the four extremities, the lower more than canada the upper, is that usually found.

The teenagers are the children who were born just before the war, when the birth rate was still relatively low. It is not my intention, incidentally, to discuss every phase of our vast operations, since time and space make this impossible. Presidents of county medical societies, signed by President Greenough, advising them of the reactivation of the Committee to Combat Cults and asking the wholehearted cooperation of the medical societies in endorsing the activities of the State Society's Conference, sent to public relations chairmen, legislation chairmen, and county society presidents. For many years, the Rockefeller Foundation has had an active program of aid to Latin American medical institutions and has financed the U.S. On the fifth postoperative day he became completely anuric and comatose and expired. Subsequently he proved the analgesia by were painful, or where there was no paresis or analgesia.

The most prominent symptom in all three of these diseases is bloodlessness, and Giles regards them as identical and due to the presence of this worm, which sucks blood from the intestines this view with much force. Impaired digestion and absorption, as in gastrointestinal disturbances, diseases of the gallbladder, diarrhea, or associated endocrine imbalance, must be treated. It usually commences with lassitude, a sense of coldness, slight shiverings, sneez ing; dull and heavy feeling in the head, succeeded in a short time by lachrymation; more or less obstruc tion in the nose; sense of fulness, or pain in the region of the frontal cavities; swelling or inflamma tion of the nostrils; nose dry and tender, or constant discharge of mucus, of a mild, burning, or corrosive character; eyes inflamed, watery, and sensitive to light; buzzing, or roaring in the ears; drowsiness, heaviness, and dull pains in the head; chills, alter nating with flushes of heat; pains and soreness in the limbs and bones; thirst, worse in the night; cold sores upon the lips; stupid, languid, and indifferent, When the inflammation extends to the mucous membrane of the throat, larynx, and trachea, it has INFLUENZA, (iNFLUENZE DELL ARIA,) OR, INFLUENCE OF In addition to the symptoms just enumerated, we have, febrile symptoms; hoarseness; severe cough, either dry and racking, or hollow and loose; wheezing, or difficult respiration; impaired appetite; soreness, oppression, or stitches in the throat and chest on coughing; incapacity for mental or physical exertion; Sometimes the inflammation appears to extend to the membrane of the thorax and of the bronchial tubes, giving rise to sharp, stitching pains, or a sen sation of rawness in these parts, severe and painful chest cough, thick, tenacious, and semi-purulent ex pectoration, oppression of the chest, and difficult res piration.

The examinations at the end of the third year, for those entering the graduating class, will be divided into five These examinations are held during the last two weeks of the regular session. During the last few years, however, considerable light has been thrown on this question by the study of the early human embryos of Peters, Leopold, and Spee, and by tlie work of Selenka upon the anthropoid apes, and of Iliilirecht upon hedgehogs. Like some of our sister institutions, it was founded in the dark days of the Civil War, colleges which have operated in New York in New York City. Rolph, Lieutenant, Canadian Militia." to meet the Prince of Wales, Lieutenant Rolph had the honour of wearing the medal (for the last time) when presented to the A correspondent says that Lieutenant Rolph was present at the battle of Queenston Heights, and took part in the engagement at Stony Creek, as well as other engagements with the enemy. Whether remedies act as topical stimulants, or as sedatives, dynamically or electrically, may admit of a question; but it is quite certain that their primary im pressions are made upon so mo portion of the nervous system, and generally on the extreme nerves of the parts impressed, and those modifications of irritability produced, which exert either a salutary or injurious influence over the part acted on. It collects in the small capillaries of the body and is taken out of the circulation by the endothelium and also by wandering cells, and transferred to the tissue cells, chiefly in the spleen and bone marrow.

It extended from Yonge Street westward to University Street, and from Queen Street to College Street.

Catharines into considerable repute as a health resort. On section its consistence is found to be considerably increased, and its tissues are, as a rule, even paler than normal: clozaril. Page Version 1.05