The gradual collection of this fluid distinguishes the disease from rupture, which forms suddenly; the swelling in rupture disappears on pressure and change of postui-e, which hydrocele does not; the swelling begins at the upper part in rupture, but from the lower part in hydrocele; besides, if a candle be held behind the swelling, there is a degree of Cm-e, The cure of hydrocele is temporary or permanent.

The pain becomes more violent, and continues, with great restlessness, for four and twenty hours, when it considerably abates, a gentle perspiration breaks out, and the patient falls asleep. I have treated the patient personally for specific urethritis, stricture, and chancroid. On the other hand, the objection to non-absorbable sutures is the fact that their removal is exceedingly painful, and occasionally, despite the utmost care, one will be cut off, leaving a loop of silk-wonn gut in the perineum, and in one instance in my experience led to an infection which was very difficult to dear up. Rest that you may exercise, exercise that makes a strong case for the treatment you advocate. White Ridleywill loyally adopt the finding of the Committep, and producein the end a Prisons Bill worthy of the great traditions of the ofliee which he so successfully fills.


He said they had been taught to believe that in cases of pyloric stenosis with accompanying dilatation, the differential diagnosis between malignancy and benignancy depended largely upon the duration of the illness, all other things being equal, and it often happened that upon this point they were forced to the conclusion that a given condition of this character was benign only to find that at the operating table the usually accepted evidence had been misleading. In about a week: three years afterivards he felt, on returning from work one day, a sensation of malaise and extreme prostration, with a feelins,' of constriction of the chest and dimness of vision. When it proceeds from the first cause, a portion of the redundant skin is to be removed; and when palsy is the cause, the eye and surrounding parts are to be bathed frequently with very cold water; and the eye-brow and eye-lid are to be rubbed with the camphor liniment, or with a liniment containing a little of the tincture of cantharides. So insidiously does chronic hepatitis proceed, tliat frequently, on dissection, the liver is found in a state of suppuration, though the patient had hardly complained of any pain near the liver during his life. Frequently used in the treatment of anemia, but he wished to draw attention to some points in the treatment which marked a distinct progress.

Meanwhile recent exijerience of The lateral opening is made so far aw.iy from the divided ends of intestine that it is clear of the bobbin when the effected by drawing the end of the bobbin with the an aihed sections of bowel through the lateral opening, and slippii g a where the ring compresses together the peritoneal snrfacta of the two sections of the bowel. It omits all those procedures which are generallj' described in detail in the usual te.xtbooks on general surgery.

It has been plausibly enough inculcated, that we should confine ourselves at dinner to one dish only, whether it be of fish or other animal food. I assume that the urethra then is covered wuth normal epithelium. As a book for the masses who, more than others, need the information herein contained Washington. I insist upon this point, because I have observed with very keen regret that there has existed for some time past a certain estrangement between the army and the profession. After the anatomical observations we have made in the case, we are now perhaps in the position to state more accurately where is the point of the It seems that only twice has a stenosis in the aorta been observed at the level of the diajshragm. The corresponding part of the left lobe forms a tumor as large as a fist. Added to this he?.v'y mortality the means used to resuscitate and support the strength of the patients, especially subcutaneous injections, were misconstrued, and it was openly said that the doctors were killing the patients in order to stop the further ravages of the epidsmic (mifepristone).

The substitutes for bread are referred to, but I.i'pine allows ordinary bread, rigorously limited in amount according to the nature of the

Examination after death revealed no disease except the online haemorrhage into the suprarenals. The duration of each paroxysm is from a quarter to half a minute; several of them may occur in the course of five minutes, but in general the respite is longer. Complete dralnasje wa.s thus secured from Douglas's pouch down into the vagina. The tumour seems to have existed ever since inner side cif the right nijipli!. If the respiratory pressure was permanently raised some other factor was necessary to produce it, generally the presence of effusion.

As the income of the Council appeared to be decreasing, and the general expenditure increasing, it seemed to him expedient to study the general question with regard to the conduct of the legal business of the Council, in order to see whether they could not introduce certain amendments and alterations which would secure at once greater elEciency and also economy. It was a very interesting case, and I would be glad to hear a discussion as to how we can tell just when to use Dr. The German Emperor, whose interest in modern science is well known, has requested Professor Ramsay to give him some account of his researches, and has intimated his intention of visitingthe Chemical Institutefor the purpose. Page Version 1.05