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In tliis instance it will be remembered that the patient was an old man, in whom.strangulation of the liours, and cvei-ything ayipcared to be favourable for the operation without opening the sac; and yet, on post-mortem examination, a considerable portion of intestine was found buy to be in a condition quite unfit to be returned, although the stricture had been effect ually relieved by cuttmg it outside the peritonenm. If they failed to cure how their redoubtable patients they were only too likely to pay the penalty with their lives.

Therefore, the production of the substance must necessarily be costly, and it can only be produced in sufficient quantities and be placed at the disposal of poor people by monidpal and state sanitary authorities." tablish stations throughout the city for the treatment of patients afflicted with diphtheria (en). Page Version 1.05