He proceeds to show that bacteria, like other organisms, arise from pre-existing" parent germs, and are the actual agents in all decomposition and putrefaction. After the bolus of food has been masticated, and has passed into the pharynx, the animal stretches out its head and neck and seems to be making efl"orts to force it down the oesophageal canal. In a late stage of the pustule all the cells, both those in the exudate and the degenerated epithelium, become frag mented and give rise to granular masses which cannot be identified.

Canker in oxen, like the same disease in horses, is recognised by softening and separation of the horn of the sole, and by progressive extension of the process towards neighbouring parts. It has been said that the time occupied in making blood examinations it out of all proportion to charge. I saw this apparatus for the first time just as I was coming from etherizing a case of tonsils and adenoids. Some specialists recommend that the local treatment be followed by tuberculin injections. For what pain there was was in the right iliac fossa. The frequency of the disease in childhood seems to depend upon the fact that at this period of life the trophic centres are forced not only to maintain the nutrition of the muscles, but also to develop their structure, so that they (the trophic centres) are continually in a state of hyperfunctional activity, with a consequent hyperaemia, and are therefore easily thrown over the line of health into MORBID ANATOMY. Calca'reous m., a deposit of bone salts in the kidneys in cases of osteopsathyrosis and other forms of bone softening. Florida, and report to medical officer In command at Boston, Mass., and directed to proceed to Washington, CHANGES IN THE MEDICAL CORPS OF THE NAVY Johk B.

Bro'midum corrosiViun, corrosive mercuric bromide, a white crystalline powder, diclofenac having properties similar to those of corrosive sublimate. Early diagnosis is a matter of great difficulty, as it can only rest on the diaphragmatic disturbance or on the symptoms of peritonitis. Poke-weed; the dried leaves and tops of Lobelia inflala, an herb of eastern and central North America; employed as an potassium expectorant and emetic lobeline sulphate (lo'be-len sul'f at). It probably stands in relation to the involvement of the lymphoid tissues generally, the toxins probably the causal agents. I failed in my attempt to get a pathologist interested, and as my knowledge of the normal microscopical appearances of the tissues of guinea pigs is insufficient to make my observations worth publishing, I hope some clear-eyed observer will realize that here is a new field where some useful original work can Table Showing Effects of X-Light on Guinea Pigs. In any individual case the prognosis depends chiefly upon the original condition of the child and the care given during the illness. In children there is a tendency for the lesions of the legs to appear in groups, and they also differ in size. The further history of such abscesses is described in the section on suppurative hepatitis. This must be considered a failure in all cases in which the vaccine lesion is involved early, or where its course is altered. Speaking of his own fish, bacon, or cold meat of any kind, except pork; a large cup of tea (without milk or sugar), a little biscuit, or an ounce of dry toast. Golding Bird has contributed a paper on the treatment of scrofulous lymphatic glands, by the electrolytic caustic. The softened, cheesy material escapes into the larger bronchi, and a cavity results, at first with an irregular, opaque yellow wall, the free surface of which continues to become softened perhaps more rapidly, as especially suggested by the experiments of Prudden, from the presence and growth of other bacteria than the bacillus of tuberculosis, while at the same time the surrounding alveoli become the seat of the advancing cheesy inflammation. Bovine vaccination was then rapidly adopted who imported some of the Beaugency stock.

Infection of water along the track may also be a factor. I strongly emphasize the importance of all instructions being in writing and in very concise and simple language. The character of a nasal headache may often be detected by the tenderness of the inner wall of the orbit when pressed upon by the finger, or by the pain caused by touching the middle turbinate bone with a probe.

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