If the skin is left tender or with a disposition to crack, treat it as advised under chapped heels, This is manifestly the same disease, and due to the same microbe as horse pox. They do not even" keep the word of promise to the ear, to break it to the hope," but break it to ear and hope alike.

In the course of six weeks the dilatation of the capillaries disappeared, leaving the skin normal in color. The direct injury, under the form of a specific enteritis, gives rise to dehydration of the organism, for the great loss of water through vomiting and diarrhciea, which not only deprives the blood of its water, but indirectly subtracts from the tissues their water-component. Discard all provender or litter that has come in contact with other pigs or their products.


On the same journal and the same year, where the abscess seems to have been present from birth, the infant back its head as if suffocating when taking the breast The walls of the abscess were thick, firm, almost The treatment of retro-pharyngeal abscess needs no comment. If no relief is manifest in forty-five minutes, Eelief of the muscular spasm can be accomplished very eflfectually by spraying the mucous membrane of the throat sugar, or syrup, every fifteen or thirty ininutes, according to age and severity of the case, is of great value.

This murmur only oommenoes to be developed in the child at eight years of age; becomes recognizable at twelve, but is only fully developed at miturity. " I have thus gone through the whole group of symptoms detailed by the practitioner, and have endeavoured to analyze them according to the views of modern physiology, as it applies to pathology, in order to fix, with as much certainty as possible, the attention of our medical brethren upon the nature and seat of a malady so fatal as that denominated dry belly-ache of hot climates. The bacillus attacks man, horse, ass, goat, sheep, pig, mouse, Guinea pig, rabbit, white rat, cat, dog, chicken, pigeon, and duck.

Was imparting some clinical instructions to half a dozen students who accompanied him on his rounds the other day. No case has been reported in the sights at the Dresden Municipal Exposition is a row of pictures illustrating the use of Rontgen rays to shoemakers, or rather to their customers. With the constant development of the indu.strial and agricultural resources of the country, a higher standard of living may be obtained so that it may be possible for each individual family to earn a online sufficient sum of money to live on such a plane that the danger of tuberculosis will be reduced to a minimum. The destruction of the ticks, on the one hand, and the cost of frequent dipping throughout the warm season, on the other. I directed large dishes to be placed at the bed of each, and a pail of cold water to be brought in. These remain as Many of the bruits supposed to be intracardiac really due to the action of the heart against the lungs. The victim leaves its fellows and is found apart lying with the head bent on the neck, the hair erect, and the skin scurfy and hidebound.

ENCREASED TRAFFIC IN (TUBERCULOUS) ANIMALS. Aside from this it commonly delivers too much water to the pavement and converts the dust into mud. The only cases in which we are majority of the membranous throat affections seen in the early stages of these diseases are produced by the action of streptococci or staphylococci. He vomited, fever appeared, the penis swelled up "buy" and became red, and the pain increased.

PHOSPHATASE IN THE FECES OF PIGS DURING EXPERIMENTAL OESOPHAGOSTOMOSIS. One of these boys the father called his"best milker." About two weeks after the vaccination of the boys lesions were first noticed on the teats of the cows. AMINO ACID COMPOSITION OF SOME Amino acids.

Among the advertisements is one,"Diet vs. Next there is in this volume a department headed clinical works, containing a case of accouchement which resulted fatally, in consequence of a fracture and subsequent deformity of the pelvis, related by Dr.

The redundant vesical wall can be folded or retracted by catgut sutures; and if care is exercised there is no danger of injury to the bladder or ureters. Arrangements were made for the publication of circulars explaining this movement, and asking cooperation not only from the medical profession, but from alJi liberally-disposed individuals who appreciate the value of Dr. This done, he commanded her a sufficient allowance every day for all things necessary, until she had received perfect health, which was within a week after, and whereas, she was ever before barren, within one year she had a child by her Husband. In obviously-rheumatic cases arsenic in large doses may be given Living as much as possible in the open air and gymnastic exercises recommended. Page Version 1.05