The temperature is irregular, and there may be profuse perspirations. The cutaneous reaction is simpler than the Moro, less expensive, and with but slight discomfort.

It is a common saying among wise old ladies that boys are more subject to colic than girls.

And let us in our broad humanitarian work during this important period of a struggliug profession, a rapidly progressing profession, let as forget and forever cast aside those boundaries Eaat and West, ai you have of Let me say a few personal words however, that is, to thank yon from my heart for your invitation, Mr. The basic plan of campaign was formulated.

Lymph-scrotum, according to Manson, is an affection which" is almost a sure indication of the presence, actual or past, of F. Helen Dobson has been appointed medical examiner in the department of physical training for women m J. In two, a second arytenoidectomy was necessary on account of recurring infiltrations.


The cerebro-spinal axis ia, perchance, also congested, and pressure on the centres in the medulla may suspend either respiratory or cardiac movements, and the end has come. If such blood be injected into animals suffering from tetanus, if it be early enough in the coarse of Uie disease, they will get well. Fttammeritig ll Tau UHrrngRT JCadleal DepartmaBt li The taDowing gentlemen will give Spedal CUnicel InstnictUm.

By this operation the muscular wall of the abdomen is not weakened by any incision except that through the aponeurosis. Mid I regret to see that he baa fled to bis Class Dinner where neither after thankiog the Auooiaiion for the honor conferred upon him, end welcoming the members to the city of Rochester, made some obBervatioDB on TUB RELATION OF DAHP AIB TO DISEASES OF THE AIS-PABSAOBB, PARTIOULARLT IN THE LAKE BEOlOM.

The induced current causes spasmodic contraction of the unstriped muscle, while the continuous current produces a vermicular contraction (Bartholow). Rotheln eruption, and the secondary rash, which developed at a period varying from two to six days after the first, was so like that of scarlatina as scarcely to be distinguished from it: 750. Her skin is hot; her face flushed and swollen; she suffers from general anasarca: her lower extremities, however, being especially affected, and pitting Dover's powder she had a short sleep, but no diaphoresis was produced.

In spite of this quite intense cauterization, it is said that no oedema has been observed. In one case the pain in the back was clearly not due to a traumatic lumbago. H isolated I hen) important, namely, Whether it be or be not advisable and right to admit fever cases into the general ward of an hospital. Besides the condition of his limbs, he had lost, as he supposed, his sense of taste; and tiiis Inul entirely unfitted iiim for his occupati(ni. The status of the sooh students at the age of seventeen. From a practical point of view, such exploration is of robaxin value both in diagnosis and in therapy. The movable dulness in this case was shown at operation to be undoubtedly due to the free fluid in the peritoneal cavity. Page Version 1.05