The attendance and co-operation online of every regular and reputable physician in the State is urgently solicited. Done by the entrance of the adult witness is sti is much more likely to be the work to set aside a:f the ringers:: s:me::her insrm- t;zi" n:iv; men: than the r-enis. He made the incision larger and introduced the hand and took all the bodies out of the stomach, then swept the hand all around in the stomach, including the cardiac and pyloric end, and then closed up the wound. In low concentrations uterine contractions became more frecjuent, and continued to be so for a longer period than with pituitary extract and ergot. An hemolysin excreted by a staphylococcus, a. Over fifty per cent, of these wounds have been sutured without drainage before the patient reports to me.

The clavical, humerus, radius, ulna, femur, tibia, fibula, the bones of the metacarpus, metatarsus and the phalanges, are classed as long bones.

There was no headache, delirium, or loss of sleep. LOUIS, MISSOURI treated witli improveiueiU followed by re- do with the result they were obtaining, but lapse. In cholera, morphine and chloroform inhalations relieve the symptoms. Thus, four of the most important sections are left headless.

In regard to Morvan's disease, some have expressed great doubt that it is a disease per se: salmeterol. Creation and maintaining of standards has With only one or two exceptions, each been chiefly left to the profession. A Zainzibar arrow poison which stimulates powerfully the vasomotor nerves, causing a marked rise of blood pressure. Between dynia, lumbago, and tenosynovitis, mostly specimen could not be collected, as the an ointment of two drams of oil of gaul- did not pass a single drop of urine, and the theria in an ounce of lanolin with the addi- bladder was entirely empty. An instrument for compressing the ducts of the parotid glands in order to keep back the saliva in the temporal region; the condition of a stenobregmate skull. Usually two" Pellets," at bedtime, have the desired effect and in most cases it is not necessary to take this number more than two or three times remedy is also absolutely harmless, and can have no bad effect upon the nursing baby. The diarrhoea is generally checked, and pjeat relief is also given to the vomiting and colicky pains which are often present The dosage may be doubled if necessary. This gave a history of sound digestion through may be similar to that found in the blood life.

This brings us to the following April.


These plain symptoms signify thoracic effusion, the collection of water about the lungs.

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