I have seen one case in a man of twenty-six, and within a fortnight have examined a man sixty four years old who presented all the characteristic symptoms of the disease. Whellier retention occurred in one of the labial or in one of the numerous nasal glandules I do not profess to Another for.Tn of nasal cyst is of considerable interest and great rarity. A fear of the chloroform itself seems to have been the exciting cause in some of these cases; and one reason why no such instance has occurred in the Edinburgh Infirmary is probably the unlimited confidence reposed in this agent by the inmates of It might, perhaps, have been expected a priori that chloroform, in the early or exciting stage of its operation, would act upon a diseased heart like mental emotion, and cause irregularity or cessation of its contractions.

Antifebrin, which is identical with the official acetanilid, al lii()ii;;li frii timts aw cxpriisivc, conliiiiKMl lo he sold tlitur products, and their preparations, many of them, take tile testimony of others, to find out.

I say probably, because after the second repetition of this little operation the woman did not return to hospital, and was therefore, I presume, relieved. Thus, if a drop of chloroform of considerable size be applied to a web under those circumstances, it will soak in and produce its chemical effects upon the blood, the earliest of which is complete abolition of vious similar comparisons. In pleading for these endowments of medical schools, it is but a plea for a return to the profession of a tithe of what they have given.


If it is too small, the solution don't keep well. HiB face is ofabeltercolour, and he is daily gaining Weight and thit thin gall stone couhl liave passed along the common bile doet into the duodenum without any symptoms beyond the aching pain in the side, and in the absence of any liistory poiiitiiu' to the previous passage of gall stones whiili might nave dilated tin- dint, that I conelurle tlie stone ulcerated through the wall of the gall bladder into some jiart of the aliiiH-ntary eanal. There has been slight oedema of left blow or fall at any time.

It appears from returns issued by iTeseTroportious showed a decline from that in the corresponding cstfmated population.

In regard to the suhagra causation of these tumors, I think that there is very little doubt that polypi chiefly result from granulations behind strictures. Lateral bending, then, in both cadaver and model in positions of marked flexion is accompanied by torsion, and this torsion is in this position always in one direction, and is of the same type as the rotation seen in scoliosis; that is, backward on the convexity of the curve, or, in other language, the bodies of the vertebrae turn toward the convexity of the lateral curve. Deferring for a moment the sanitary aspects of the question, the suggestion of Dr. Profession when wc oflVr to Professor M'Kendrick the expression of our sincere sympatliy with him in the loss he has sustained by the deatli of his eldest son. The operation was completed without a drop of blood having been lost, the water in the bulb of the aspirator not having been even tinged by it; there were no signs of irritability of the bladder after the operation, and its functions remained unimpaired. That this erection as well as protrusion of the hairs does occur, I have proved by artificially exciting the state of cutis anserina upon my own arm and leg. Gayadasa, however, explains it simply as honey. Next day I introduced into another of the glasses of milk a morsel of the viscid substance by means of a pair of mounted needles passed through the flame. There are thirty-four Vayu-carrying v?;ssels in the Koshtha trunk); of these eight occur in the pelvic rec-ions attached with the anus and the penis; two in each of the sides, six in the back, six in the Udara (cavity of the abdomen), and ten in the region of the chest. It is a greater glory to patch up a diseased organ, to put a crippled member in fair workingcondition, or at the least prevent it from being a menace to remove an oigan because it may cause trouble in the future. Cowles replied that on a few of the occasions where the patient was unconscious the arms and hands may have been made to maintain the position in which they were placed, but the symptoms were not regarded Dr. It is certain, too, that close association, sleeping in the same room and bed, eating and drinking from the same dishes, kissing, and the many other associations of intimate life with the tubercular, are conducive to the spread of tuberculosis. Page Version 1.05