As the the psychiatrist would only interject a few words of psychological interpretation after the patient had departed. To pleuritic changes, or to the narrowing of a bronchus by pressure or by mucus which after coughing may be removed. The apple-eye or melon-eye is an apple-formed projection of the eye Melus'tum, (' burnt honey,') Molasses. Already the study of experimental syphilis along the lines of immunization has led to what is apparently an important discovery from the standpoint of diagnosis, and on it the following diagnostic test for syphilis is based:' Syphilitic material from monkeys which have received treatment is mixed with the material to be tested and complement (fresh guinea-pig serum) added. It covers the whole palm of the hand, and adheres, somewhat strongly, to the skin of the part. Actually, I started going because I was working with a woman whose husband had a definite problem, and she wanted From the outset, Rick hated my going there. Also, a species of bandage or ligature. Negative results upon examination, however, dispel this idea, and the distribution of the swelling is different from that observed in common dropsy. For research and education generally, are the specific communication of rating information to policyholders, the wider availability of conversion privileges, a greater willingness to experiment with new or broadened benefits, and the danger that we are overlooking the importance of individual policyholders as we seek the financial rewards of mass production, automation, and other forms of mechanization. Radio Operators' Club Ursinus College, B.S. Barrett to fill india this unexpired term. Irregularities of diet are to be forbidden and food and drink which cause diarrhoea or are prejudicial to the gastro-intestinal functions are to be avoided. (Nashville) Violation: Failure to renew license; gross malpractice; unprofessional conduct. He served as assistant director of the local health of the department. A pint may be safely used to syringe out closed cavities, even where one cannot be certain of all hands, which is no small advantage to those operators whose fingers are easily irritated by the porcelain after long use, and corrodes steel instruments, but that sponges are unaffected by it. Death from haemoptysis, meningitis, or general miliary tuberculosis is an acute course from start to finish, but in a very large number the disease is never completely quiescent, but smoulders along with an occasional acute outbreak.

Ligus'timm Vdxga'bI, Priv'et, Prir'y, Prim, wild both in Europe and in the United States, usually in hedges. One who labors under monomania or insanity, chiefly on one subject.

At this period, it has been said by a high authority, u the man is entirely beside himself, memory and judgment having abandoned him; he acts as if he lived only for the present, with no idea of the consequences of his actions, nor their relation to one another; the past has gone from his mind, and he cannot be influenced by considerations which he no longer remembers: buy. GooDHABT inquired if this was due to arterial disease. Isolated cases of agranulocytosis, thrombocytopenic purpura, and a single fatal instance of aplastic anemia have been reported, but only when other drugs known to elicit these conditions were given concomitantly. After long and careful discussion, and vith the concurrence of its sponsors, ve recommend that action be postponed indefinitely because it is an ncomplete resolution to solve the pleased that study will be made of a proper meeting load for hospital staffs Whereas, Hospital staffs, to satisfy the philosophy of the Joint Hospitals, have had to adopt regulations requiring staff members to be members of the staff of two or Whereas, In recent years staff members have been required to attend many more staff committee meetings for purposes of proper staff function in such matters as audit, utilization, education, etc.; and staff and committee meetings has the ultimate goal of improved hospital standards and patient care; and Whereas, The shortage of physicians has put a premium on the staff Resolved, That the Pennsylvania Medical Society, through the efforts of its officers, study the problem of a proper meeting load for members of hospital staffs, the substitution of credit for committee meeting attendance, staff meetings attendance and of one hospital meeting for another, so that proper representation can be made by resolution or otherwise to the the Joint Commission on accreditation of Hospitals to rectify but still fulfill the fundamental purpose of the The Committee approved the intent of the resolution, but recommends that the first resolved clause be amended so the resolution reads as Whereas, there is an urgent need for more general practitioners in order to provide for better family Whereas, medical schools in their training program should play an important part in meeting this need; medical schools consider the employment of family practitioners to teach medical students during their clinical year by establishing a preceptorship program for medical students in the offices of general practitioners; and serving as preceptors should possess the necessary qualifications as required by the American Academy of Your Reference Committee recommends the adoption of Resolution Your Reference Committee endorses the philosophy that a practicing physician should be able to employ a new and life-saving therapy legally when his clinical judgment so indicates and therefore recommends the Whereas, The well-trained practiing physician keeps up with medical progress by study of current journals and frequent attendance at postgraduate courses; and Whereas, Such journals and postgraduate courses contain reports by experts in recognized medical centers drugs which may be indicated in patients currently under the care of the Whereas, Such use prior to approval by the Food and Drug Administration, as shown by inclusion in the Direction Circular in the package of the drug, is presently considered to be illegal and may subject the physician to liability in a malpractice action; therefore be it Medical Society request the American Medical Association to discuss this problem with the Commissioner of Food and Drugs in an effort to enable the practicing physician to employ such new, life-saving therapy site of the Declaration of Independence and the Continental Congress, the two hundredth birthday of the United States of America calls for a major celebration in Philadelphia, the Declaration and the first hospital and the first medical school were organized in Philadelphia, medicine should be a major feature of this celebration such as is outlined by Win reas, the Philadelphia County development of general and specific proposals for medical features in this Medical Society encourage the development of specific projects and urge that these projects be referred to the attention of this Society in case the to participate in any of these projects. This idea has been riepeatedly confirmed by the microscopic study of slides exposed before the face of such a patient and by experiments with susceptible animals similarly The bacilli may enter the nose and mouth, and are in large part like other dust received by the cilia of the upper respiratory tract and wafted back harmless.


The nature or character of a for the action of extending a plaster upon linen! Indumen'tum Cor'dis, (induere,' to put on, to Indu'rans, (in, and durus,'hard,') Selerotfj. In act; salt depletion, appropriate replacement is the therapy of choice. The American Medical Convention, to in meet in Philadelphia in May next y At this stage of the proceedings the Society adjourned for dinner r chair, and the Society proceeded to the election of officers for the ensuing year, with the following result: On motion, adjourned, to meet in Camden on the third Tuesday in in the absence of the President.

Hyperae ria, hyper, and aer.) A condition of which many of the pulmonary cells are" across, and large cavities formed in the parenchyma, which are tilled, with air.

Malignant cells with the typical characteristics of reticulum cell sarcoma were clearly recognized.

Specificity was calculated as the percentage of caregivers who experi enced low burden of care who were correctly identified by the model. Of Delegates and shall be levied per capita on the active mem bers and intern and resident members of the chartered component societies. Page Version 1.05