We are told that this state organization is a power for good or ill in the state, and that the legislature may act upon the suggestions of the Society when the Society moves unitedly and harmoniously.

Either they must take time for the works devoted to electricity and magnetism in their broadest aspect, or else be content with such out-of-date handling of the subject as is contained in the books devoted to electro-therapeutics. Stilwell, there is nothing to show that he did more with the knife than others tried to do with caustics, namely, to get rid of the fungous growth. When death follows on a long and painful illness, the irritability of the heart vanishes almost with the vanishing breath; but if the decease be sudden, the heart will continue beating for some time afterwards. In reference to wound irrigation the following significant statement is made:"The germ-killing influence of antiseptic wound irrigation does not rest upon experimental evidence for its truth." As to the possibility of destroying pus germs by such means grave doubt exists; indeed, it is boldly claimed and with good reason that aside from lessening the number of pathogenic bacteria, no other influence is noted; in fact, that surgeons who do not use irrigation have equally good results with those who do.

No labor, mental or physical, and no expense have been spared to make the vessel in every respect complete as a hospital ship. Rengifo betook himself to Peru, and practised with success at Lima for some years. In another work, Sanctorius describes an instrument he had invented for measuring the force of the pulse, and several new instruments of surgery.

The floor should be dark and without polish. All four sub-vaccinees subsequently presented symptoms of syphilis; three were probably of syphilitic parentage, and inasmuch as the vaccinifer at the time the lymph was taken from its arm is said to have shown no sign of congenital disease, it is suggested that very inconclusive; especially as the physician, under whose care the vaccinifer was when he died, suspected some inherited taint. "In every case of dysmenorrhoea which presents itself, and especially in the case of every unmarried woman, a rational medical treatment should be tried before resorting to the use of instruments." In the neuralgic form of the disease, he advises quinine, mercury, in small doses, in the intervals, and, during the paroxysm, cypripedin as an empirical remedy of some value in this disease. I gave instructions to have the supply renewed, and hurried back to the patient. These ulcerations, however, gradually heal up in course of time without occasioning any lasting injury; and the constitutional affection, although severe, is always transient and unattended with danger: there is no case on record in which casual cow-pox is known to have proved fatal. Klein was first led to believe in the specificity of this microbe. The board made one single urine examination at the beginning of the year and one at the end without determining whether the men had just imbibed large quantities of fluid to restore the night losses.

Except at the margin of this zone, it is difficult to make out the remains of the walls of the air vesicles; but immediately outside this is a third zone in which, owing to thickening of the walls, the air vesicles are considerably smaller than normal.

In children this occurs much more frequently than in adults, since the peculiar form of the pharvngeal opening of the tube favors such a condition. There is no remedy in which idiosyncrasy counts for so much and in which dose may vary within such wide limits. There were a few cases that had a haemorrhagic tendency in the earlier stages of the disease, but the eruption abated early, and the patients recovered. There can be little doubt that such conditions, whose actual existence is not to be doubted, have their being through suggestion and may be so increased; hence the advisability of not making too detailed an examination of sensibility. Curiously enough, she had a flow from the womb, resembling the menstrual flux, every two to four weeks, up to a few weeks ago, since when she has seen nothing of it. Howard Crutcber: True Snake Story. In this century this group has again been visited by the same disease, which"swept through the islands, and carried off numbers Epidemic dysentery appeared in Futuna, one of the New Hebrides by Dr. An empty bag with tube attachment was then introduced into the stomach the result that the animal began to breathe and the color of the stomach markedly changed from a dull blue appearance to a bright red color.


In some instances the amount of albumin and blood coloring matter present after boiling amounted to fifty per cent, of the entire bulk wellbutrin of the urine. His lordship was so pleased with Mr.

Society for Medical Improvement, and published in this Journal, city, a new method was devised and performed for the sole purpose of proving that a person could be successfully vaccinated without the vaccination in the least showing itself, or leaving a trace upon the external surface. The author gives some good points based on evident practical experience, but has not furnished enough"fundamentals" to make the book of great value to the student or the general practitioner. Infections, caused by a break in the mucosa, brought about by mechanical injuries, and leading to local or general disturbances, as abscess, caries, tooth pulps, leading to local abscess, septichemia, pyemia, neuralgias, otitis, diseases of the eye, such as ocular spasm, strabismus, ptosis, miosis, retinitis, the oral bacteria do uk not attack them, or only very slightly. The interspaces were gelatinous and brain-like, only a limited amount of cartilage being observed, and that in the upper part. The session was called to order by The President Dr. By evaporation, the loss of grammes in the same time. The swelling, eschars and sloughing retarded her recovery beyond that cent. Animals may succumb to the kidney trouble from suppression of urine three or four days after inoculation; but when recovery occurs the albumin or blood disappears from the urine in a few days, even when urine like blood has been passing for twenty-four hours. Page Version 1.05