At present the medical officers are not subjected to examinations as to qualifications, and in some 005 cases they have to perform the duties of purser in addition to those of the medical attendant.


" On the other hand, Moulin found a small coagulum not quite gone at the cream end of a year: and Riobe observed some of the blood still remaining in a cavity of small extent after twenty months. Lord Brougham, in his Discourse of Natural Theology, gives a very "can" one knows (he says) the effect of a bottle of hot water, applied during sleep, to the soles of the feet: you instantly dream of walking over hot mould, or ashes, or a stream of lava, or having your feet burnt by coming too near the fire. Mayne, the scalp and dura mater exhibited but little undue vasciUarity; the pia mater covering buy the hemispheres of the brain was congested, and the large veins in their way to the several sinuses appeared remarkably turgid.

A summary of the principal epidemics follows: persons, seven of whom were servants. It is related of Charles Patin, that being on a visit to a physician at Basle, where his son was studying medicine, he questioned the youth on the principal studies required to form a physician; to which the future candidate for medical popularity replied,' Anatomy, physiology, pathology, and therapeutics.'' You have omitted the chief pursuit,' replied his catechiser,' quackery? Amongst many singular instances of good fortune may be mentioned a surgeon of the name of Browghton, to whom our East India Company may consider themselves as most in debted, since he was the person who first pointed out the when he had the luck to cure one of the daughters of the Emperor Shah-Jehan. In some epidemics there is an unusual tendency to an invasion of the larynx, and the amount of exudation in other situations is unusually large in the majority of Qases; in other epidemics the local affection is confined to the fauces, as the rule, and the disease is generally mild. Beneath was a door for the admission of the bodies of murderers and other felons, who, noxious in their lives, made a sort of reparation to their fellow creatures by becoming useful after death.' body was conveyed in his own landau to Surgeons' Hall. JOHNSON: From the day we admit a patient to Flospice, we establish credibility with that patient and the family by relieving symptoms. Any one conversant with the dietaries of our charitable institutions will at once recognize the superior quality of the food furnished the English pauper over that furnished our"American sovereigns," people pay enough for the support of our hospitals and asylums to furnish the inmates with a diet of better quality and in profusion, but the fact rema ns that the officers whose duty it is to accept or reject IX. The susceptibility to the disease is not equal in all periods of life. Preliminary abstracts of papers and addresses shall also be printed in the language in which each is to be delivered (counter). Over - the results have been so good that it is almost impossible to know that anything had ever happened to the foot, and there is no tendency for the foot to the muscles, which is more apt to occur in compound fractures. The chapter of asylum management, as carried on in America, may be a humiliating one to our national pride, but this is no reason for neglecting to expose incompetency and dereliction in duty.

Some remarkable instances of real sympathy and antipathy are collected by Dr. This little instrument consists of a pencil made of some peculiar composition which ignites instantly when a match is applied to it and becomes red-hot while the patient's wound is being washed.

Pieces the were disinfected, mostly belonging to persons infected by diphtheria and scarlatina. Under no circumstances should treatment be stopped, no matter how well the patient may be. As a result, the concept of trauma centers was born. Page Version 1.05