The public schools were done by Miss Laura Tabor, R.N., Another interesting feature of the Sanford program was the participation of the Business and Professional they conducted a program which included the various business establishments such as stores, garages and gas All employees were asked to bring specimens to work on that particular day and these were collected between a detection station at the office of the Sanford Sewerage Department where they were tested by Miss Rachel The number of persons tested by all these various population. It gives a richness not to be found in any Apple sauce will keep a long time if ginger, cinnamon and cloves are cooked A glass rolling-pin, which can be filled with ice water, is very fine safe for hot weather when making pastry.

Tuberculosis and B, lepra by b. Above all, between the light as well as the severe puerperal diseases, and those affections which so often follow wounds (septicaemia and pyiemia), there can be no essential difference shown."" It is further almost undoubtedly established by the latest investigations that the pond of origin of these affections almost always lies in the genitals, and from this arises tlie general disease.""The local affection passes to a general, either by travelling and spreading in the course of the fibrous tissues, or by the lymph and blood transporting poisonous fluid into all the organs of the body, or foreign particles are carried by the circulation and deposited in various organs where they establish diseased centres; and, of course, various combinations of these modes of extension may It will l)e seen from these extracts that the author occupies very different ground from Dr. In the remarks on the diseased appearances caused by the narcotics generally, it was observed that extravasation of blood is a very rare effect of opium.


Some persons are said to have presented convulsions. If such a patient chose, he could be a service patient and THE JOURNAL OF THE MAINE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION charges for anesthesia, laboratory work or dressings. Our own experience with mixed vapours, and we have used only mixture A, has been exceedingly satisfactory.

The speaker then showed photographs of patients operated upon. But fiothing practical had yet come of the method as it had so far been developed. Rheumatism is one of the diseases in which this remedy is recommended by Dr. It is evident, therefore, that we cannot speak of the anatomical nature of such a process as exudation, until we first have made ourselves familiar with the nature of the individual lesions or surface appearances, and then of the other changes of all the tissues which accompany the special disease of the skin included To the acquisition of such knowledge many of the younger dermatologists of the Vienna school especially, satisfied, as we have said, that in the way of clinical observation their leader has left them but little to do, have largely devoted their time of late, and the fruits of their labours are already apparent. The iodides proving useless the patient came to New York accompanied by Dr: antabuse. Should lie do so, the wheels will be injured by the friction of the foreign particles. VanBuren, of This is a most valuable book. Good or bad"form" is nothing but a colloquial variation on havinpj or not having good or bad" taste." This is an instance of how thought is curiously at the mercy of words and often confused by the use of words in difierent senses. Cafergot combined with phenobarbital and bellafoline to counteract side effects is quite effective.

Monro, who had been sent for, accidentally discovering the subject of his patient's experimental researches, and administering an emetic. Stromeyer is interesting from the mode of healing, the wound, five lines long, adhering to the posterior and inner surface of the vessel, diminishing its calibre In all these cases an abscess was present posterior to the sheath of the vessels, and in front of the cervical vertebrae.

(With a wood-cut.) The idea of constructing an instrument of the kind here represented occurred to me in consequence of the great difficulty of permanently curing contraction of the os tineas, and of the cervical canal of the uterus. The home is a broken one, the father not eneuretic, did poorly in school and was ugly toward other is in the sixth grade, but not doing work at that level. Recruiting officers must produce receipts for a certificate from the purser of such vessel that he has received lists amounts advanced to the individuals respectively, before he can receive credit for the advances made. Are three important avenues by this waste is carried off, namely s infinitely more important than ers, for the reason that the waste ts of digestion are carried off by lannel.

Online - foster's Encyclopedia Medical Dictionary, which has long been a standard work in its line; but this work is thoroughly modernized and brought fully up to date. Amonpj the"morbid elTccts" of the loss of blood, wliich have been so prominently set forth by Dr. All of these had some abnormalities in the chest x-ray which, in retrospect, could be ascribed A positive histological diagnosis was obtained in the one hundred seventy-six cases presented here (Table IV). The cells which form this projection from the root-sheath are continuous and identical with those of the latter.

Purulent sputa; evidence of consolidation; night sweats, loss of flesh, etc. The two who died of paresis, the present year, were well-marked cases, exhibiting all the ordinary physical and mental symptoms." remaining fourteen. In a case of mine, of small round cell sarcoma, the sloughing would always occur at a point some distance removed from the place of injection, and in another case in which the tumor was deep seated, the injections were given under the skin over the order site of the tumor, and while the specific action of the toxins was shown, no local slough occurred. Page Version 1.05