Lamisil - above all an advantage is gained in being able to operate with comparative safety in patients who would incur immediate risk in submitting to general anaesthesia.

The upper extremity is composed of the articular head adapted to the acetabular cavity, and the great trochanter at the outer side of the head.

No doubt, however, that the schools are more efficient and the attendance of pupils larger, by the operation of the system of free"(?).

I really could find no better one you than that now before us. Minor cuts and other wounds of man heal by this method if kept free from organismal contamination. Whole organs, such as the kidney, spleen, and the brains of small animals, can by this metliod be exhibited continuously, thus affording a far truer idea of the relations of their several parts than could possibly be arrived at from the study of small detached sections. The vision remained good and no sign of irritation followed weaker and the lens became still more dislocated but never quite The specially interesting point in Ihis case is the fixation of the lens without having any bad effect in an eye which was already weak owing to chorioidal degeneration. Thus the school is organized, and in its success exceeds throughout the country follow the old example of Harvard, and the new one of Jefferson, and men will reflect honor on their alma mater. The meeting was large and enthusiastic, and many distinguished representatives from the countries of our Allies were The address of the President-elect, Dr.

The principle involved is endorsed by your committee.

This by Schultze or some of his assistants, did not, he states, produce a indeed occasion any abnormal reaction whatever. The next morning he had gone to the Pasteur Institute, where he had been told the preventive treatment would be of no avail (over). In Port Arthur there is a naval and military hospital and dispensary which is much appreciated by the soldiers, and it also is worked by former students. In the young man breathing his last in the enemy's uniform, the doctor sees no enemy; just a stricken human being gasping for breath and rapidly drifting out into the"great unknown." With gentle touch the cramped limbs are straightened, the the clothing loosened, and with deftness and dispatch everything done that can be to make the last few moments as comfortable as possible. The ethically pure, however, are in a position to solace themselves with the sedative thought that the names of those most eminent in medical science are not always known to the reportorial staff, nor are their voices frequently heard in communion with the writers of morbid fiction for the public. The medical profession, at least, is in possession of the facts and should be the leader in promoting its own education for the palliation of this scourge, the elimination of which belongs to some Utopian period.


It shall approve all memorials and resolutions issued in the name of the Society before the same shall become effective. Their efforts at prophylaxis are commendable. Of course a large capillary "counter" or arteriole is necessarily involved in such a case. Man afit'cted witii cholerais himself the principal propagating agent of this disease, and a single cholera patient may cause the development of an epidemic. George Woolsev confessed that he still retained a certain dislike to the formation of an artificial anus belonging to that class called the permanent type: get. If morphia was required at night, it was to be given by subcutaneous injection, in dose of quarter of a grain. This seems to have been very much neglected in the work before us. Page Version 1.05