If there is a man on earth who can show that we have ever directly or indirectly bartered the influence of our reading pages zve challenge him to do so. The editor of its organ is opposed to all" platforms of principles," and thinks that no" honest reformer" should u refrain from the use of mercury, if mercurials were the only remedy for the cure of any particular disease." He also says," it Syracuse Medical College, whose founder has, more than once, and in our presence, drawn blood from the arms of his patients, spread fly-b!ister literally by the half pound, and given opium to narcotization. Is ever gained by injecting personalities and petty antipathies into any discussion of scientific questions. The distinction is a very nice one, and without doubt lies at the foundation of those instances, by no means rare, where an operation is not speedily and at once successful; yet we question the propriety of casting doubt iqion its efficacy even in these cases, as quite often the abnormal condition of the testicle is first made apparent upon the withdrawal of the surrounding fluid, and the necessity for other treatment is in this way made known; nor are we able to conceive of a case in which the removal of the fluid can exercise other than a favourable influence upon the testicle itself.

There was no inflammation, no swelling, nothing unnatural and a very perfect union of the both cured, without any disturbance or discomfort. This is said to induce peristalsis of the gall-bladder and duct and aid Of the latter the most common in the Near East are paratyphoid dysentry, enteric fever, malaria and relapsing fever. To show the concise nature of the articles in this excellent little book, Capitan quotes the chapters on acute meningitis, aphasia, laryngeal disturbances of nervous origin, etiology and symptomatology of nephritis, and the examination of the blood.

The authors put forward the method as one likely to be very valuable in the diagnosis of syphilis. In the small town or village the milk is usually delivered to the consumer directly by the farmer or producer, and since this is usually within a few hours of the time the cows are milked, the time and temperature elements, which are responsible for the bacterial increase in older milk, play little part, and large bacterial counts are for washing utensils and for adulterating Dirt in milk is invariably associated with and they become dirty if stables are not is sure to gain access to the milk, from flanks, udders and tails. He later worked in the hospital as orderly and also acted as interpreter.

Rosenau and the results he conservatively he prosecutes his work with never a word concerning it until he has something definite to tell or some information to impart that will add to the knowledge of his colleagues or promote the welfare of the people.

The breathing stertous as in apoplexy; the tongue coated with black sordes and very much swollen, as was also the throat; the teeth encrusted, tympanites, and soreness of the abdomen; deglutition difficult, and speech almost unintelligible; twitching of the tendons so much that the pulse could scarcely be determined; urine The patient lay in a comatose state for two days, at the end of which time was taken with spasms, which would last about five minutes, and return in about half an hour: levodopa. Kitasato described certain cultural characters by which the bacilli can be readily identified.

Specialization cannot be allowed to unfit a medical officer for general duty, nor to exempt him from it. In the lower forms this simple oxidation is probably sufficient, but in warm-blooded animals a higher rate of combustion, with more energetic dynamic effect, is required to maintain the conditions of life. ' Information obtained from the Second and Third (Final) Report of the Provost MarshaJ General's Office, to the Secretary of War, and from the Reports of the Adjutant General's Office. No reliance should be placed on popular remedies, for the complications are so grave that the best-possible treatment is required. Xiii, of tubercle, two varieties of, from virulence of diphtheria bacilli found in cases presenting clinical features of simple acute angina, vol. In general tonus, the danger is proportioned to the extent of bone injury and the general eoncussion of the parts.


Nevertheless, I believe, when it can be done, it is better to have the bladder distended, hut not with urine. The cloud chamber that (Wilson) developed was sort of a piston that would suddenly evacuate the chamber and cause it to be rarefied. It seemed to me that the indication was to empty the bowel of gas and blood as thoroughly and as naturally as we could. Whenever the examination reveals no defect, the child is given a"health token" medal to signify that he or she is in perfect physical condition. Should the services agree to correlation under this or similar plan, and should they decide to unite rather than pursue partisan tactics in our great civil medical schools, I feel sure that procurement of better material would be assured to each service under such a large-minded policy. Page Version 1.05